Jorge Rodríguez revealed plans to attack a church in Bertucci

The head of the Venezuelan parliament pointed out that these actions are part of the destabilizing actions of the extremists

The president of the National Assembly (AN), deputy Jorge Rodríguez revealed the existence of plans to attack with several explosives an evangelical church where the parliamentarian and pastor Javier Bertucci lives a religious life.

During an interview with RT, the head of the Venezuelan Parliament pointed out that these actions planned by extremist sectors of the Venezuelan opposition would take place last Easter, but the State security and intelligence bodies managed to dismantle these terrorist acts.

This is a great tuba. At Easter, the extreme right had plans to blow up an evangelical church where Pastor and deputy Javier Bertucci makes a religious life, "he said.

He argued that these attempts against peace are part of the plans promoted by the extremist sector of the Venezuelan opposition with the support and financing of the United States.

“Juan Guaidó has so much money, those millions that they put in the budget for the Defense of Democracy are to buy C-4, explosive devices, feed the paramilitaries and mercenaries who train under the protection of drug trafficking from the Government of Iván Duque and even to buy followers, "he denounced.

He highlighted the role of the security and intelligence forces of the Venezuelan State to prevent these terrorist plans from taking place and stressed that despite the campaign and attacks that are being carried out against the country from the United States and Europe, Venezuela is at peace.

"If there is something that Venezuelans can be proud of, even in opposition, it is that Venezuela is at peace," he stressed.

When asked about the actions of justice around those responsible for these plans led by Guaidó, the president of the AN expressed his confidence that "it will arrive sooner rather than later."

"In Venezuela there is separation of powers, despite all the media campaign that says otherwise (...) and sooner rather than later justice will arrive." at the same time that he predicted the defeat of these destabilizing actions.

"That group failed and in its dogfighting plans, having as a beachhead in Colombia and the support of the United States and today Venezuela is at peace," he said.



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