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Jorge Rodríguez: Opposition already has a fraud matrix set up

Rodríguez denounced that the extreme right seeks to promote violence in the country again

This Tuesday, when offering statements to media representatives, Jorge Rodríguez, general coordinator of the Venezuela Campaign Command Our 21st century, pointed out that the extreme right already has the fraud matrix set up in Venezuela to, from this, try to install violence, to which he warned that they will not allow it.

When answering journalists' questions from the Bolívar Theater in Caracas, Rodríguez affirmed that, like the Mexican ultra-right, the Venezuelan one will claim fraud after losing the presidential elections on July 28 and through their deception they will seek to generate destabilization and violence.

Rodríguez compared the behavior of the opposition with that of the Mexican and international right and far-right, who “tried to tarnish the reputation of Claudia Sheinbaum” during her electoral campaign through the dissemination of a series of fake news.

He denounced that in a similar way the Venezuelan right maintains a fake news campaign on social networks to impose matrixes, through bots, that seek to discredit the Venezuelan electoral system. “They take the lie and since they have communication iron, psychological warfare, they dedicate themselves to imposing matrices, through thousands of bots,” he said.

Given this panorama, he demanded that the opposition “respect the constitution, the laws and the peace of the Republic because we are not going to have contemplation” while revealing that part of the right's strategy would be to claim fraud, to try to establish violence. and destabilize the country.

“Not only are they going to claim fraud,” he said. “Whoever violates the peace of the Republic, before, during or after the elections, must go to jail,” he stated.

“Here we are going to peaceful elections, commit to recognizing the results,” said Rodríguez.

The true plans of the right

Rodríguez warned that they know the truth about these far-right plans, although some opponents intend to “play crazy,” among whom he made reference to a governor, a former student political leader and a mediator at the Barbados table.

“They act crazy because you know what the violent plan of this sector of the society is.” right", he claimed.

In this sense, he highlighted the importance of promptly denouncing these plans that seek to disturb the peace of Venezuelans to defeat them and make the entire population ally themselves in the search for peace.

“Because that is what people want, what people want is to be in peace,” he asserted, while reiterating that they will not allow radical sectors to impose violence again.

“These people want peace and the people are going to defend peace, we are not only going to defend it with the institutions, we are going to defend it with the people in the streets (…) We demand that you respect the Constitution, the laws and peace of the Republic, because we are not going to have contemplation,” he expressed.

The president of the National Assembly (AN) also stated that the right does not know what to do in the face of the weight of reality, which has led the representatives of supposed pollsters, who are actually agents of the right, to point out that they cannot underestimate to Nicolás Maduro.

Likewise, he recalled several of the many occasions in which right-wing actors have claimed fraud without evidence in Venezuela, after losing the elections.

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