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Jorge Rodríguez: Four major attacks against the SEN have been carried out

This Thursday the Sectorial Vice President of Communication, Tourism and Culture, Jorge Rodríguez, denounced that since March 7 there have been four large-scale attacks against the National Electric System (SEN).

From the Miraflores Palace, Rodríguez specified that the strongest attack of all was the fire that they caused at 9:47 pm in the Guri transmission yard on March 25.

“After the brutal attack that took place against the main transmission line in our main Simón Bolívar hydroelectric plant, in Guri, severe damage was generated in all the infrastructure related to transmission (…) the idea is to disable them for days and even weeks to generate an explosion of chaos throughout the national territory, "said Rodríguez.

The also Minister of Communication and Information reported that last Saturday, March 9, when the electricity supply had already been restored, “they launched an electromagnetic attack and made fun that this was not possible until the American president, <br><br>Donald Trump signed a protection order with the purpose of protecting the United States (USA) from attacks of this magnitude. "

"Trump signs a decree to prevent his country from electromagnetic attacks, the lackeys remain silent, why don't they come out to deny Trump?" He asked.

The minister emphasized that rarely "has it been seen that a people has submitted to a brutal multiform aggression like the one that has been imprinting this self-right that does not have a single glimmer of consideration towards the people."

He assured that the Venezuelan right is not interested in the suffering of millions of Venezuelans for what they attempt against the SEN with the purpose of leaving Hospitals without light and without water service to the population.

"We cannot claim victory, because they will persist in their attacks, but we will persist in our stubbornness," he added.

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