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India and Venezuela strengthen brotherhood relations

Ambassadors of both countries in Syria agree on the need to generate tools for dialogue and understanding in the search for peace

The Venezuelan ambassador to Syria, José Gregorio Biomorgi, and his Indian counterpart, Irshad Ahmad, held a fraternal meeting in Damascus, the capital of Syria, with a view to strengthening diplomatic relations between both nations.

According to the Foreign Ministry, during the meeting, both diplomats reviewed the regional situation and international events, agreeing on the need to generate tools for dialogue and understanding for the search for peace, so desired and necessary at this time.

Ambassador Ahmad welcomed his Venezuelan counterpart and began his words by recognizing the work of Venezuela and its people in recent years, pointing out that it has been a victim of unilateral coercive measures that are very complex for any country and yet they have been able to maintain peace and move forward.

“We advocate for peace and stability in this region and in the entire world, and we hope that the sanctions will end, which, far from helping to solve problems, complicate relations and usually affect the people more than the governments themselves” said the Indian diplomat.

For his part, Biomorgi, Venezuelan ambassador, stated that great transformations are taking place on the international stage, which will bring with them a new world order.

“We are facing the birth of a multipolar world, as Commander Hugo Chávez predicted from Venezuela and President Nicolás Maduro frequently reiterates. These statements by our líder"es and the determination of our peoples to be free, sovereign and independent, have exposed the imperial policy of the United States, which has unleashed an unprecedented aggression against our Homeland," he stated.

Likewise, he highlighted the role that India plays and will play in this emerging new world order, for various reasons, including its geographical and demographic dimension, its sustained economic growth, its leadership in the industrial technology sector and, perhaps the most important aspect, his vocation for peace and respect.

Finally, both diplomats agreed on the need to maintain these contacts more frequently, in order to monitor the regional and global geopolitical situation.

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