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Cabello: At the Bogotá conference, a consensus was not reached by the US

Diosdado Cabello revealed that a consensus was not reached at the International Conference on Venezuela promoted by Colombian President Gustavo Petro because the representatives of the United States Government refused to sign.

"In the end, a consensus document was not drawn up there because the US did not want to sign and the US was defeated there and they did not want to sign," said the first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela during the 428th edition of his program Con el Mazo Dando.

He recalled that, before setting up this meeting attended by representatives of 20 countries, Venezuela stated its demands to promote an agenda for dialogue with sectors of opposition extremism.

“These are the points of Venezuela, President Petro must have read these points because he knows them: lift the sanctions, look for the money that they have stolen from us, return all the assets, comply with the agreement signed in Mexico, stop all the attacks in international courts and release Alex Saab along with all the prisoners ours have," he emphasized.

USA plays blackmail

He indicated that the US has stated that its plan is to lift the sanctions only if Venezuela complies with its demands that are not of an electoral nature as indicated by the media.

“'Electoral schedule', that's coming; 'transparent and trustworthy elections', they always are; 'updating the electoral roll', is always done; 'international observation', here comes Raimundo and everyone. We have no problems with this, but to sit down to execute some things, the five points that fellow president Nicolás Maduro already said must be met, ”he stressed.

He denounced the claims that the United States Government hides behind its demands, assuring that they will comply after Venezuela complies.

“What do they want? That we do everything and if the elections are in August of this year, then they lift the sanctions in June, no brother, lift the sanctions first and then we will talk, ”he settled.

“We are not going to give up!”

He dismissed the possibility of a return to the dialogues in Mexico without meeting Venezuela's demands, while ratifying the government's willingness to dialogue "with whoever and wherever."

"President Nicolás Maduro has made more than two thousand calls for national dialogue because we can talk to anyone, at any time, if they want, we let them bring up the subject, we give them that advantage, but the Venezuelan and foreign opposition, He has believed that when we call for dialogue it is because we want to hand over power, I don't know where they got that, but here they fall for the gringos and the Europeans: 'call them because they are ready to go,'” he said.

He stressed that these calls for dialogue by the Government, far from being to give up, are to make it clear to US imperialism and its European and national lackeys that this Revolution is here to stay.

"Dialogue every day is invited by compañero Nicolás Maduro, but we are not going to a dialogue to capitulate, we have told Raimundo and everyone, whoever tells him this is lying to him," he warned.

CPI US instrument

Cabello denounced that among the actions against Venezuela promoted by the United States, it uses international organizations such as the International Criminal Court (ICC) with agents such as prosecutor Karim Khan.

“The ICC is managed by the United States with a prosecutor designated by them only to persecute Venezuela; Mr. East Karim Khan. For this man, his only concern is to persecute Venezuela, ”he said.

"For honor - it's that they really don't have honor - he should refrain because he has a very clear predisposition against our country," he said.

Likewise, he maintained that the recent case that is being carried out in the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for the Essequibo territory was ordered by the United States.

"The issue of our Guayana Esequiba was ordered by the United States and if they ordered it, they can stop it," he said.

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