Guaidó recognizes that AN's mandate ends on January 4, 2021

A document signed by the president of the National Assembly in contempt, the self-proclaimed Juan Guaidó, recognizes that the validity and constitutional mandate of the AN -elected on December 6, 2015- will be valid until January 4 of next year, after the upcoming parliamentary elections of 6-D.

In this way I point out the candidate for the National Assembly, Jorge Rodríguez, on his Twitter account, indicating that he not only recognizes the end of that parliamentary period, but also the “unavoidable fact that elections must be held in the third quarter of 2020”, To which he asked, What does the high representative of the EU think about this? In reference to Josep Borrell of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, who has insisted that there are no "guarantees to carry out the elections in Venezuela ”, urging to be postponed.

In the document object of confession, it is stated that given the mechanisms of the Magna Carta, once this period is over, a new National Assembly will be installed on January 5, in accordance with Article 219 of the Constitution.

Likewise, the signatures of deputies Edgar Zambrano, Stalin González, Edinson Ferrer and José Luis Cartaya are displayed.

The same position was taken by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Spain, Arancha González Laya, who among other things aligned with Borrell of "not recognizing the elections in Venezuela", given the lack of guarantees, however the National Electoral Council has reported that 107 Political organizations registered their candidates among opposition supporters who will run for a seat in the new NA.

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