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Great March in support of Maduro overflowed in Caripe

In Monagas they once again confirm that Maduro continues to be the construction of socialism

On the afternoon of this Friday, June 7, in Monagas, the Oriente garden, Caripe, took to its streets with emotion and joy to once again support President Nicolás Maduro, and demonstrate that Commander Chávez's dream remains undefeated to continue the construction of socialism.

The activity started from Plaza Bolívar to the end of Miraflores Street, where the patriotic sentiment of those who manifest that unity, strength and discipline is in the Chavista militancy was demonstrated.

Likewise, the Caripe municipality mobilized massively to reject the sanctions imposed by the United States on the people of Venezuela and express its unconditional support for President Nicolás Maduro.

The demonstration included the participation of the leader of this jurisdiction, Dalila Rosillo, along with street leaders, heads of UBCh, and the community of the municipal structure of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), part of the state structure, GPPSB, social and indigenous sectors, youth, a march that raises the morale of the people to continue facing the battles that may arise within the framework of imperialist attacks.

Mayor Rosillo in her speech indicated that the objective of this popular mobilization is to carry a message from Venezuelans against fascism. “These sanctions are a direct attack on our people, on our tranquility and development,” she added that the people in the streets repudiate the sanctions that have negatively affected the economy and the daily lives of Venezuelans.

Meanwhile, Zuleima Caripe from the indigenous sector, indicated that the Chaima people are mobilizing today “where they have vindicated us, and that, thanks to the revolution, we are happy and hopeful to believe that they will no longer block us, that is why we are in front and “With Maduro we will win.”

The march culminated with an exciting rally where speeches and cultural events were held in honor of the resistance of the Venezuelan people. The líderThose present reaffirmed their commitment to continue working for the peace and well-being of all citizens, despite adversity.

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