Carrizalez: Iván Duque is behind the events in Apure

It ensures that these actions are part of a plan of continued aggression against the country

The state governor of Apure Ramón Carrizalez, through an interview on the radio program “En Batalla”, referred to the issue of the border with Colombia.

The first state president stressed that these groups are narco-terrorists, whose fundamental action is drug trafficking. Another of its objectives is to generate disturbances on the border and seek to confirm the false positives that the Colombian government wants to arm.

Carrizalez highlighted that these groups are in charge of activating these false positives, they seek to create a negative opinion matrix against Venezuela “and they come out alarmed to talk about displaced persons and human rights with their tough face, when they are the ones who commit the massacres, the calculated and systematic extermination of the people, of the members of the FARC who submitted to the peace process. Also the extermination of social leaders and indigenous leaders. It is a continuous and planned policy by the Colombian oligarchy ”.

The regional president explained that this is part of the aggression against Venezuela: “We know that they have tried everything, even invasions, and reach the center of Venezuelan power with the Gedeon operation. A scheme of continued aggression and they logically support it. These are drug cartels, terrorist groups financed, equipped and directed by the Colombian government, by Iván Duque ”.



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