Padrino said that Duque's move was predictable in his eagerness to torpedo the dialogue

 "The next move by Duque and his gang of drug traffickers installed in the Nariño palace was so predictable that the false positive scenario could not be absent after their tormented attempt to torpedo the Dialogue table in Mexico," was the answer he posted. On his Twitter account, the Minister of Defense, Vladimir Padrino López, after Duque accused Venezuela of being involved in an alleged terrorist attack against a platoon of the neighboring country's army in the Arauca area, thus again appealing to the strategy paramilitary of false positives.

«We regret and condemn the cowardly terrorist attack against a platoon of our @COL_EJERCITO in Arauca. The murder and injury of several of our heroes hurts us. This, clearly, is about an act between ELn and the FARC dissidents planned from Venezuela, "the president of Colombia, Iván Duque, would have posted through his Twitter account.



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