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Padrino accuses Colombia of inventing enemies to "dollar extortion"

The sector vice president of Political Sovereignty and Peace (G / J) Vladimir Padrino López, dismissed the accusations made by the Colombian defense minister, Diego Molano, who assured that there is a presence of Hezbollah cells on the border, which are supported by Venezuela.

"Now they have invented a so-called common enemy to extort a few dollars," said the Venezuelan Minister for Defense in a message posted on his account on the social network Twitter where he ironically spoke about the force of this new Colombian accusation.

«They have not found out: In Israel there are Jews who are not stupid to buy and export the conflict 11580 km away. What a shame with that neighbor! ”He wrote.

This message from the Venezuelan military chief was seconded by the head of the Strategic Operational Command of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (CeoFanb), (G / J) Domingo Hernández Lárez, who described the head of the defense portfolio as "dragged" and accused him of "fooling around with imaginary enemies."

Added to this response was the general commander of the Bolivarian Army, (M / G) Félix Osorio described the action of the Colombian Molano as a reflection of the "desperation of the Colombian oligarchy to obtain financial support no matter at what cost."