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HomePoliticsGalician manifesto signed against the blockade and sanctions against Venezuela

Galician manifesto signed against the blockade and sanctions against Venezuela

Galician movements and organizations signed a manifesto in solidarity with the Venezuelan people and government for the economic and financial blockade maintained by the United States.

Here we reproduce the full manifesto:

From Galicia, the undersigned organizations want to make public our solidarity with the people of Venezuela before the intensification of economic sanctions and the blockade imposed by the United States.

These measures, framed in the aggressive interventionist policy led by Trump, intend by all means to stifle the country's economy, directly harming the population and, at the cost of their suffering, trying to force a political change related to imperial interests.

The offensive that began at the end of the Obama era, when he declared Venezuela an "unusual and extraordinary threat" to the national security of the United States, now multiplies its virulence under the current mandate of Donald Trump, which together with the threats every Once less veiled of direct military attack, it actively works to deprive the population of the resources and inputs necessary to develop normally.

The same people who say they care about the Venezuelan people are the ones who, with their sanctions, make it difficult to access basic goods such as food or medicine. They say they want a better future for Venezuela, but they are the ones who block Venezuelan assets abroad and steal their reserves, the ones that make it most difficult for their exports to exit and access to international markets, even putting pressure on and threatening any country that It intends to maintain normal relations with the Bolivarian country.

All these attacks have the shameful complicity of the opposition right, which speaks of peace, democracy and even "humanitarian aid", while actively encouraging the worsening of the crisis and the suffering of the people it claims to represent.

Faced with this economic war, the heroic Venezuelan people continue to resist without giving in to blackmail and organizing to mitigate the effects of the aggressions, defending respect for their will and full national sovereignty.

For all this, it is our duty to reaffirm active solidarity with that worthy people and the course they chose for their country. Therefore, we demand an immediate end to the blockade and all external sanctions, threats, interference and pressure, so that Venezuela can develop freely towards a horizon of peace, democracy and social justice.


Sea of ​​lumes

Galego Nationalist Block

Galician Movement to Socialism

Galiza Cause



Galician Inter-Union Confederation

Galician Coordinator of the World March of Mulleres

Artábria Foundation

Galleira Cultural Association

CS Gomes Gaioso

CS A Revolta

LS Faísca

CSA A Cova dos Ratos

County SCD

Agrupaçom Cultural O Facho


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