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G4 parties ratify settlement of Guaidó's "interim"

This Thursday the parties promoting this failed strategy will meet to say goodbye to Guaidó

The parties Primero Justicia (PJ), Un Nuevo Tiempo (UNT) and the Acción Democrática (AD) fraction at the service of Henri Ramos Allup, ratified their position to put an end to the adventure of the "interim government" after acknowledging that the failure of this strategy.

In a statement issued this Tuesday, these political groups that are part of the so-called G4, put forward the reasons for this decision, which is opposed by the leadership of Voluntad Popular, the party to which Juan Guaidó belongs, who proclaimed himself in 2019 as "interim president". .

"The interim government has ceased to be useful for the democratization of Venezuela and is of no interest to the citizenry," they point out while acknowledging how this figure was used to carry out acts of corruption with the income from Venezuelan assets abroad, as well as of the so-called «humanitarian aid».

Despite pointing out the suppression of this unconstitutional figure that sought the overthrow of the legitimate Government of Venezuela led by President Nicolás Maduro, these parties do not mention the illegal extension of the National Assembly elected in 2015, which is used as a structure for the promotion of international actions against the country such as the so-called "sanctions".

Statement issued by the G4 parties with the absence of Voluntad Popular


  1. Could it be that the institutions of the Venezuelan State, such as the Public Prosecutor's Office, have already prepared the arrest warrant and the presentation hearing – not only for Juanito – but for all the politicians who accompanied him on this little adventure? I dont know. I doubt it. I believe that the government lacks those glands that Chávez had in excess. Chávez was stick and stick with the opponents Anti Patria. But now I think that the ones who lose out from this negotiation are the humble, the working class, the poor, the usual assholes. They live from negotiator to negotiator, and among so many tables at which they have sat, it has not occurred to them to put the issue of the dollar on the table – both parallel and that of the BCV – and stop once and for all this pernicious practice in the as the only losers we are the usual assholes. Please. Put the bell on the cat, because patience has a limit. And if some do not pay, others will. The people are in the middle of two tyrannies.

  2. ´´ YOU TWISTED LATE LITTLE BIRD ´´ . After they endorsed and enjoyed all the wanderings of that individual, now they come out washing their hands like Pilate. Drone Strings. .

  3. Who pays for the material and moral damages done to the Venezuelan people, where is justice? , all those thieves and false politicians of the ghost of the g4 must be imprisoned, they are traitors to the Venezuelan people, they sell their country

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