Foreign Minister described Borrell as obsessive insistence against Venezuela

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Félix Plasencia described as obsessive the insistence of Josep Borrell, president of the European Commission against Venezuela, expressed during his tour of various nations in the region. 

Through a post published on Twitter, he highlighted, «High Representative @josepborrellf, its claim to teach lessons on democracy, freedom and prosperity should be dedicated to serving the needs of European citizens. We reject his insistence and obsession against Venezuela, "he said while explaining that Borrell, on his tour of neighboring countries, insists on dedicating his rhetoric against the country.

«I remind you that Bolivarian Venezuela has leadership in cooperation, solidarity and development in our region; it is a land of opportunity for our people and millions of immigrants, "he said.

«In 16 days we celebrate our election # 29, an event open to the world in which the solidity of our democracy and our electoral system will be ratified. The EU is invited to this party of popular protagonism within the framework of our unwavering sovereign commitment, "he said.

Borrell weeks ago, after endorsing an electoral mission to accompany the regional and municipal elections on November 21, would have spoken out against the legitimacy of the process.



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