European Union asks Venezuela to reverse the decision to expel its ambassador

Isabel Brilhante Pedrosa, Head of Delegation of the European Union in Venezuela.

The European Union asked the Venezuelan government on Thursday to "reverse" its decision to force the EU ambassador to that country, Isabel Brilhante, to leave Venezuela in 72 hours.

“The EU deeply regrets this decision that will only isolate Venezuela internationally. We ask that this decision be reversed, "Nabila Massrali, spokeswoman for the European External Action Service (SEAE), told EFE.

The Venezuelan government declared the ambassador to Brilhante persona non grata this Wednesday and gave her three days to leave the nation in response to the sanctions approved by the EU on Monday against 19 deputies of the National Assembly, the judiciary and the National Electoral Committee of Venezuela, in response to the December 6 elections that the EU does not recognize.

The Venezuelan Foreign Minister, Jorge Arreaza, met today with the European ambassador to inform her of the decision, after yesterday the parliament -with a Chavista majority- asked the president, Nicolás Maduro, to expel Brilhante for considering her persona non grata.

The EEAS spokeswoman said that "Venezuela will only overcome its current crisis through negotiation and dialogue, to which the EU is fully committed," but added that today's decision "undermines" that willingness to cooperate.

On June 29, 2020, Maduro already ordered Brilhante to leave the country, a decision he reversed on July 2, in the hope that the decision would facilitate dialogue between the EU and Venezuela.

That decision was also preceded by another round of sanctions against Venezuela by the countries of the European Union.



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