Dialogue table establishes two partial agreements during negotiation in Mexico

This Monday during the fourth day of deliberations between the delegations of the Venezuelan government and the oppositions that meet since Friday, September 3 for the dialogue and negotiation process that has the mediation of Norway and the support of Mexico as the diplomatic headquarters, the head of the government delegation, Jorge Rodríguez, reported that two partial agreements were signed, as agreed in the Memorandum of Understanding, signed on August 13, 2021.

The first agreement established refers to the ratification and defense of Venezuela's sovereignty over Guayana Esequiba, "a profound declaration of respect for history, the right that our country has to the territory of Guayana Esequiba," said Rodríguez. The agreement establishes a new call to Guyana to resume the path of direct negotiations with the Venezuelan State, in order to reach a practical and mutually satisfactory settlement, channeling amicably the resolution of the controversy, in accordance with international law. and based on the 1966 Geneva Agreement.

The second partial agreement established for the social protection of the Venezuelan people. «The parties agreed on the need to rescue and recover the assets belonging to Venezuela as well as the money and wealth found abroad, necessary for economic recovery in the post-pandemic. The resources will be allocated to health: provision of hospitals, vaccines against covid.

"The parties agreed to establish a mechanism for restoring and obtaining resources to meet the social needs of the population, with special emphasis on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, including those from multilateral organizations to which the Republic is entitled" , reads the document.

"Priority will be given to addressing social protection measures to the Venezuelan people, aimed at satisfying their needs in the areas of health and food, especially those corresponding to the prevention and care of the covid-19 pandemic", reads the document.

It should be noted that the parties agreed to appoint two representatives to establish a review process of the inconveniences derived from overcompliance in the financial system in operations related to "sanctions", in order to guarantee the resources for the social care of the people in matters contained in this agreement.

"We did it again in Mexico, beyond the difficulties," declared the plenipotentiary envoy, Jorge Rodríguez. "There are still issues to discuss, but it has been shown that regardless of the thinking of each one, the results of this roundtable will benefit Venezuelans," he added.

The parties agreed that the first point of discussion for the next round will refer to “respect for the constitutional rule of law. In particular, the justice system and respect for the institutions established in the Constitution will be discussed. The discussion will also continue regarding the protection of the national economy and social protection measures for the Venezuelan people, including the Special Drawing Rights provided for this purpose by the International Monetary Fund.

Rodriguez thanked those accompanying the dialogue, especially the Kingdom of Norway, Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Russian Federation and the host country.



After Rodríguez's announcement, the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, in the company of the first combatant, Cilia Flores and the executive vice president, Delcy Rodríguez, spoke to celebrate the signing of the joint statement between the Venezuelan Government and the Unitary Platform of the Opposition, and to assure «we did it. We sit down with the opposition to talk about important issues for the country.



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