Democratic Alliance ratifies its commitment to the electoral route

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The 22 political parties that make up the Democratic Alliance ratified their commitment to the electoral process on Wednesday, in view of the regional elections that will be held in November in the country.

The president of the Avanzada Progresista party, Henri Falcón, read a document in which he highlighted the commitment they have to build a strong, peaceful, electoral, democratic, institutional alternative to the national government.

«The Democratic Alliance ratifies its commitment to the electoral route. Associations with political ends are united by the effort to build a constitutional alternative to the government that allows us to solve the problems of the population, "he said.

He assured that through the Alliance an inclusive process will be built with a space for construction and consensus that express the needs of Venezuelans with inclusions from all sectors.

"We are committed to participating in the upcoming elections with a solid alliance to conquer the space for reconstitution in the country, in order to enhance our chances of success in regional governments," he said.

Falcón read a document containing 12 points that reflect his need to exercise politics through electoral channels.

«We seek to recover what was lost with our political errors, we call ourselves not to have prejudices and we will advance in the implementation of a programmatic proposal that seeks a future of freedom. In addition, we vindicate our adherence to the electoral law and we will not renounce that, electoral guarantees have proven to be insufficient and we must fight for them to be modified, "he said.

He assured that those who promoted abstention are now willing to participate, a reason that has been celebrated from the center of opposition politics.

“Dialogue and understanding between Venezuelans is necessary. We are committed to the people and this alliance will serve as the center of power for the resolution of the population conflict, since we commit ourselves to work tirelessly on access to goods, the demand for wages, health, education, water and electricity. We also defend the Constitution as a need for clear rules for basic needs, "he said.

During the reading of the document, he requested respect from all political parties, while rejecting the interference of which Venezuela has been a victim.

"We promote, appreciate, and value the efforts of the international community to overcome the crisis in the country, we accept mediations and collaborations but we reject interference and condemn the imposition of sanctions that have complicated the crisis and the warm life of the country."

Falcón, said that the parties have committed to maintaining this alliance beyond the electoral processes, however, he called on all political and social sectors, women's organizations, businessmen and social movements to walk the path of dialogue and unity and give up individual and group interests.

For his part, Timoteo Zambrano, Secretary General of the Cambiemos Party, highlighted that after the alliances established for the parliamentary elections, a positive debate has developed, "we continue talking with other factors and we hope that in the coming days more parties will join in order to to advance in the stabilization of the country.

He assured that the document presented this Wednesday fixedly reflects the rejection of this sector in the face of the sanctions imposed in the country, "we do not embrace abstention like politics and we do not support sanctions because we can settle differences through votes," he said.

Juan Carlos Alvarado, Secretary General of Copei, added, "We are presenting an alliance that when it started only had 5 political organizations and today there are 22. Of those 22 there are 24 qualified to participate in the elections."

He said that they have evaluated the electoral calendar and is considering presenting a meeting before the National Electoral Council to agree on electoral logistics, "we want an electoral witness to be installed in the centers, as well as permanent international accompaniment," he explained.



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