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Demand release of diplomat Alex Saab due to serious health

The diplomat's wife denounced that the US authorities have taken their time to give him attention

The Free Alex Saab Movement, demanded this Thursday that the Venezuelan diplomat illegally detained in the United States (USA) be released, due to his serious health conditions.

This was denounced by his wife, Camila Fabri de Saab, who emphasized that it is time to move forward with the release, since Venezuela is ready to find a way out, reported AVN.

“It is time for a solution that will bring benefits to both nations. We urge the United States government to sit down and come to an agreement,” Fabri said.

He explained that bloody vomit has been reported in Saab, which could mean a recurrence of the stomach cancer he suffered years ago.

Also, according to his family doctor, he reported that he suffers from anorexia, anemia, hypothyroidism, hypertension and other ailments.

"The medical report had reported bleeding from the digestive tract that may indicate a recurrence of cancer and he has been vomiting blood for weeks, he lacks medical attention in the detention center in the United States, because they have not bothered to care for him," Fabri explained.

The diplomat's wife denounced that the US authorities have taken their time to care for him, so it is believed, they could "wait for his illnesses to develop."

"We hold the United States responsible for the life of my husband and what may happen to him," she stressed.

In addition, he asked the International Red Cross to appear at the detention center, as well as the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (Acnudh) and the UN Secretary General, António Guterres, to speak out against the violation of rights of which her husband is a victim.

“I ask for immediate release. We urgently require a humanitarian, political and diplomatic solution,” he said.

Finally, he asserted that the US has denied him the right to family and consular visits, as rights that the diplomat has.

Saab faces one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering in a Miami court, to which he has pleaded not guilty, and has been incarcerated in a Florida prison since October 2021.



  1. Solidarity with the SAAB family. * Keep denouncing the attempted murder and violation of the human rights of Venezuelan consul Alex Saab * His crime was breaking the hunger siege against Venezuela, illegally and with impunity executed by the Pentagon.

  2. Mrs. Fabri de Saab, I stand in solidarity with you, that they release your husband who is a diplomat from Venezuela and the United States violates international treaties and conventions. Please do not go to visit her husband, because they deport you to Italy for having an arrest warrant for you by Interpol, on charges of alleged corruption in Italy, falsely created and harming you and Venezuela.

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