Council of Ministers rejects attacks from Colombia

Ministers met to discuss public policies

This Monday, from the Miraflores Palace, the first meeting of the National Council of Ministers No. 2021 in 552 was held to attend to the actions of the Bolivarian Government regarding the attention of covid-19 in the country, oriented from the National Executive, in addition to addressing issues of political interest that affect the country.

The sector vice president of Communication, Culture and Tourism, Freddy Ñáñez, said that since the ministerial meeting the constant attacks from Colombia that seek to affect national sovereignty have been rejected.

“We discussed the agenda that was once again revealed by the National Assembly, where Dr. Jorge Rodríguez reported on a dangerous work agenda involving individuals who are fugitives from Venezuelan justice and who have committed acts of terrorism. Leopoldo López once again meets with Duque, they are Story and desperately seek to cause damage to the country. So we reject these coup activities, ”he said.

He also reported that they rejected in the international arena the unilateral coercive measures against 19 Venezuelan officials that the European Union published against the country to intimidate the people of Venezuela.

During the meeting, the issue of the country's natural resources was also addressed and the way in which they have been victims of lies and defamation campaigns at the international level, "the fifth objective of the Plan de la Patria is to defend natural resources and thus has been advancing from the policies of the Executive and the Legislative Power ”, he added.

Ñáñez, added that the achievements of the Anti-Blockade Law and its projection for this year were discussed, since it is an instrument that defends sovereignty, assured that news will come in this regard.

Also, the ministers debated the national Food Plan, as a priority matter and reported that it is already close to 6 million Clap boxes delivered, with Venezuelan products, despite the attacks on the national economy.

"The Bicenetenary legislative agenda was reorganized, since the President is willing to attend the interpellations in Parliament because there it will be possible to publicize the problems that will arise to comply with public policies in the middle of the blockade," he reported.

In the same way, the contribution that each ministry gives to the Plan of Attention to the Victims of the Economic War was attended, in order to maintain this plan and strengthen the attention at the national level and be more efficient.

Regarding the Vaccination Plan, he confirmed that since April the country will have a significant advance in the vaccination of the entire population.

During this work agenda, led by the Executive Vice President, Delcy Rodríguez, they analyzed the development of public policies aimed at education, health, food, public services as a guarantee of fundamental rights of the people.

This Council of Ministers carried out a great task force in the context of the strategic objectives of the Plan de la Patria 2019-2025 and the proposals that arise from the base of the communities to be incorporated into the Plan Carabobo 200, one of the pillars that the National Executive has promoted for this 2021.



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