Apureño communicators raise proposals for the Bicentennial Congress

They will raise proposals and contributions for the communication policy in the country

From the José Cornelio Muñoz room of the Apure state government, the meeting of communicators was held within the framework of the Bicentennial Congress of the Peoples.

The call was attended by different representatives of the media, as well as press officers from public institutions in the state, to make a proposal on the communication agenda in Venezuela.

The activity was directed by the head of the agitation, propaganda and communication brigades of the Psuv Apure, Lisandro Solórzano, who explained: communication, alternative communicators, journalists and digital communication ”.

Solórzano said that "From this trench we seek to raise proposals and contributions for communication policy in our country starting from the grassroots, reviewing the thinking in journalism careers, in corporate communication, in alternative, private and public media."