Colombia is the epicenter of paramilitary mercenary exports

The President of the National Assembly, Jorge Rodríguez denounced that Colombia has become an epicenter for the export of mercenaries to generate destabilizing actions both in Venezuela and in other countries, under the financing of private companies to perpetrate crimes in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, in Iran, in Venezuela and now in Haiti.

He added that "in the current moments of the political situation of the American continent, the Government of Iván Duque is in a customary way, a real threat against the peace to which all Venezuelans, all Haitians and Haitians are entitled, peace to which the brothers of the Republic of Colombia are also entitled "

He then asserted that “every time that we have presented ourselves in front of the media with evidence and evidence that shows that all the violent actions that have been perpetrated or attempted to perpetrate to the extreme of an assassination in a degree of frustration such as that of last August 4, 2018 ... all violent actions have their epicenter in the government of Iván Duque, in paramilitarism, an export product of Colombia ».

By way of reflection, Jorge Rodríguez asked himself “by way of reflection, if these complaints, which we have made so many times, had been taken seriously, the assassinated president of Haiti, Jovenel Moïse, would not be alive today, if it had not been ruled out before the campaign to replace the truth and hide the violent events. We have even denounced the mercenaries who trained in Colombia to disembark on the coasts of Venezuela on May 3, 2020. How many times must we show the route made by the boats paid for by Iván Duque, by the Northern Drug Trafficking Cartel from the Atlantic and by the Goajira Cartel ».

Jorge Rodríguez emphasized that there is "a campaign to replace the truth, which is why Iván Duque is interested in being replaced, in order to cover up the disaster of drug trafficking, violence and protection from any criminal who wants to harm Venezuela."

He reported that Antonio Indriago is the owner of the security company located in Miami, which recruited Colombian mercenaries to carry out operations such as the assassination of the President of Haiti, Jovenel Moïs.  

Jorge Rodríguez assured that after “the presence of the director of the CIA to undertake highly relevant actions, the President of Haiti was assassinated by Colombian mercenaries hired by a security company located in Miami, Florida.

Rodríguez, alerted the Venezuelan population on Tuesday that the criminal gangs financed by sectors of the opposition, which operated in Caracas, were not only attacking the revolutionary forces.

«We are going to show the evidence from the phones of those involved, they believe that by deleting the messages from WhatsApp, the evidence is erased. Freddy Guevara informed him that they can delete the messages as many times as they want, but even with a little home-made program they can be recovered », he stressed. 

In this sense, Deputy Rodríguez showed evidence that links the President of the neighboring country, Iván Duque with a series of events perpetrated in different countries starting in 2011.



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