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Colombia and Chile were involved in attacks on the SEN

President Nicolás Maduro reported this Saturday that from Chile and Colombia they were involved in "cyber terrorism" actions with the support of the United States Government during the attacks on the National Electric System (SEN).

“This week we were going back to the third attack on the SEN with the participation of the electricity workers, while the investigations have advanced (…) I had already reported that we had verified the attacks directed from Houston and Chicago. We have discovered new sources from Chile and Colombia to damage the electrical system, ”he said from the Miraflores Palace, where he received a peace march.

He explained that in the last report the induction of #virus was evidenced in the country's computerized electrical systems. "

On the other hand, he stated that in the face of the criminal actions that affect the SEN since March 7, the Revolutionary Government, along with the workers of the National Electric Corporation (Corpoelec), took concrete actions to free the SEN.

"They have resorted to cyber and electromagnetic terrorism, but I can say today that Corpoelec together with the Revolutionary Government is dedicated one hundred percent to provide electrical service to Venezuelan families and thereby advance to a high level of stability," he said.

In this context, he recalled the three lines of work: to free the computerized system of electrical service from viruses and possibilities of cyber attacks; protect transmission systems from electromagnetic attacks and rebuild equipment that exploited and damaged generation and transmission capabilities, to effectively restore the electrical power system to the Venezuelan people.

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