Circuit 1 candidates perform house by house in Sucre parish

Rodríguez walked the streets of Catia / Photos Wilmer Errades

With a house-to-house walk through the Sucre parish, in the La Carbonell de Catia sector, the national head of the campaign command Darío Vivas and candidate list for Psuv, Jorge Rodríguez, made direct contact with the inhabitants of the sector, accompanied by the candidates from circuit 1 of the red canopy.

The candidate visited the homes in the sector / Photos Wilmer Errades

Mimou Vargas, candidate for the largest circuit in Caracas, began the event by exhorting the population to cast their vote on the next 6-D in the parliamentary elections and assured that they will obtain the necessary votes to position themselves as the most voted circuit.

The candidate, Pedro Infante made a call to those present. "We are going to vote early in the eyes of Chávez to do justice, and give the final blow to the cruel, those who tried in the last 5 years to invade Venezuela, who stole Citgo and Monómeros and the country's wealth and has applied the worst blockade to the country, they requested sanctions betraying the country. There are 15 days left, to pass the bills, Guaidó, Borges and Ramos Allup, we are going together to face them, only we are able to come face to face with them and continue to accompany them, the next 5 years will be one of transformation and criticism necessary to fight the internal enemy as well. We are in maximum unity in this circuit to achieve the victory that we will dedicate to Chávez and Darío Vivas.

Jorge Rodríguez recalled when the town of La Carbonell decided where to develop the sports center in the area, where a garbage dump used to be, and recalled that this work was erected in the heart of Catia, which even won an architecture award at the Venice Biennale.

"We must change that National Assembly and expel those cruel people who have mistreated our people, who have wanted to expel President Maduro by violent means, tried to assassinate him and by landing mercenary troops, they tried to subdue the people by blocking the passage of food or medicine.

On the other hand, he also highlighted the blatant theft of 33 billion dollarsm Citgo and monomers, they are trying the gold that England is in and we are not going to allow it, "they stole as the song of the barbarazo says ... it ended up with ...", he said in a joking tone.

He asked the people to vote very early on 6-D

"We have to put holy water on the AN, because that is dull ... We are going to sprinkle with holy water and the first thing we are going to do, Maduro and Diosdado Cabello already said ... open a deep investigation so that those thieves pay everything they know. they have stolen… they did too much damage .. "

He also asked the attendees if any of those leaders on the right had visited the streets of these neighborhoods, for which he urged them to bring Pedro Infante, a resident of El Amparo, to AN and to vote for Alexander Mimou Vargas, glory of the sport. Also Yajaira Meléndez, a neighbor of Isaías Medina, must be supported so that she joins together with another leader, such as Josep Brito, to enter as a deputy to the AN.

“You deserve victory and prosperity, you have gone with God in this 5 years resisting attacks, you have prevented political violence from spilling over into the country and that is why you deserve the good homeland of Chávez, which Maduro builds day by day. We have already resisted these thieves are cosmic dust, thrown into the dustbin of history, the time has come to clean and compact that rubbish and that time begins at dawn on December 6. At dawn our street bosses will be, our brave people. The time has come, let's use these 15 days to listen to the cry of each house, let's keep that house by house.

In his opinion, the 6D will be the day that the people of Venezuela expel those thugs from the AN and that the people stop those sanctions and that blockade. “We do not promise you anything, we only come with certainty to say that with the millions of votes that 6-D will give us, Venezuela will defeat the sanctions and will be able to move towards the future. Our grandchildren will say that that glorious Sunday of 2020 began the construction of our future, "he said.

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