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Chavismo takes to the streets of Guanare in support of Maduro

From Plaza Los Inmigrantes to Carrera Quinta, the people also marched against coercive sanctions

From the different municipalities of Portuguesa, Chavismo mobilized to Guanare, the state capital, to give life to the Great March Hope is in the Street and once again support President Nicolás Maduro and reject the sanctions imposed by the North American empire against Venezuela.

The revolutionaries gathered in Plaza Los Inmigrantes, near the Virgen de Coromoto airport, and from there they headed towards Sucre Avenue to then travel from start to finish along Carrera Quinta, turning the main road artery into a river of people. From the center of the city.

With Jorge Rodríguez at the head, the general coordinator of the “Venezuela Nuestra” command and also vice president of Communication and Electoral Affairs of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv), the people of Portuguesa marched in support of Maduro and from the street ratified their commitment with the political project that founded the líder supreme of the Bolivarian Revolution, Hugo Chávez.

“Chávez began the Revolution and Maduro continues it as an authentic revolutionary and a legitimate President of peace,” said Segundo López, present at the mobilization and for whom the upcoming elections on July 28 are the opportunity to “defend education with the vote.” ", the peace, independence and integrity of Venezuela."

Portuguese decides its President

The President of the Republic made telephone contact with the mobilization that took place in Guanare, capital of the Portuguesa state, where the people confirmed that “Hope is in the streets!”

The president thanked the people of Portuguesa for their support and assured them that he will continue to lead the battle in support of the Venezuelan people.

For his part, the general coordinator of the “Venezuela Nuestra” command, Jorge Rodríguez, asked those present: “Why do those children of their mother love Venezuela so much,” Rodríguez asked himself. “For our oil, the only thing the gringos want.” “children of their mother” is stealing the oil of the Venezuelan people and that is the battle we have ahead of us,” he stated.

“On July 28, all our groups and social movements, UBH, and all the parties that make up the Patriotic Pole, we will come to support President Nicolás Maduro and we will tell the gringos, get your claws out of our country,” he stated.

The also vice president of Communication and Electoral Affairs of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv), Jorge Rodríguez, reflected that the battle that must be fought is for freedom and for Venezuela to walk on a firm path to becoming a power, so “we defeated the sanctions, we defeated those kneeling on the right.”

Rodríguez stressed that it was the right that asked for sanctions against the people and “we have already beaten them, but the final fight is missing, the technical knockout is missing, that Sunday, July 28, which is already a holy day, is already a day historic, which is already a day of glory, because on July 28, 70 years ago, the greatest man that Venezuela has known in the last 200 years was born on this land: Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías.”

No more attacks from the empire

During the tour, in which Blanca Eekhout, PSUV liaison in Portuguesa, and the governor and head of the red party in the entity, Primitivo Cedeño, were also present, the Chavismo militants repudiated the blockade and US interference in the affairs of Venezuela . According to Luis Mendoza, “our country projects itself as a great world power and the empire knows it, that is why they do not stop attacking us, but once again we are going to defeat them.”

Likewise, Mauricio López said that “we are defeating the extreme right in the streets and we are also going to do so at the electoral polls,” an objective for which he assured the grassroots structures have been working with organization, planning and political awareness. “We're going ahead,” he exclaimed.

With information from Odry Farnetano

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