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Charallave's grandparents mobilized in support of President Maduro

The grandmothers and grandfathers demanded that the United States Government lift the blockade and sanctions

The weather conditions did not stop the older adults of the Cristóbal Rojas municipality (Charallave) in the state of Miranda, who participated in a march in unconditional support for the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros, and in repudiation of imperial sanctions. 

The walk organized by the members of the Grandparents' Circles and the Municipal Secretary of Culture was animated by the donkeys, donkeys and old ladies who evoke that time of the golden years. 

To the sound of clapping, singing and dancing, the mobilization left from the Tamanaco Tuy Shopping Center to the Plaza Bolívar de Charallave, from where they ratified support for the peace candidate, Maduro and demanded that the United States Government lift the blockade and the sanctions.

The activity was led by the deputy of the National Assembly, Ana Sanoja, who said that the objective of this popular mobilization was to carry a message from Venezuelans against fascism. 

He highlighted the patriotic feeling of the grandfathers and grandmothers who decided to take to the streets to demonstrate that the dream of Commander Hugo Chávez Frías, about the construction of socialism, is still alive.

The parliamentarian stressed that in revolution “the circles of grandparents will continue to make efforts to protect homes, preserve the love and unity of the family and the Venezuelan people. “We are willing to fight to stay in peace.”

He alleged that the grandparents will continue to face the battles that may arise within the framework of the imperialist attacks. “Our president and candidate for re-election Nicolás Maduro Moros is the only one who guarantees peace, stability, security and well-being to the nation,” he stressed.

During the tour through the central town of Charallave, the grandparents raised banners rejecting the actions of the national right with its international allies due to the economic blockade. 

“Here we are, present, the eternal youth that continues forward with enthusiasm,” said Mary Contreras, who thanked Maduro for the creation of the Ministry of Popular Power for Older Adults, as part of the proposals of the National Congress of Grandfathers and Grandmothers of the new Great Mission.

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