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Chancellor dismisses US efforts to have relations with "Narnia" as childish

The minister accused Washington of "promoting a failed political and diplomatic fantasy" by recognizing a non-existent government.

The Foreign Minister of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Yván Gil, gave free rein to diplomatic sarcasm to express his rejection of the US State Department for meeting with the fugitive from justice Dinorah Figuera, whom Washington still recognizes as the supposed president of Parliament .

Through his account on the social network twitter, the Venezuelan foreign minister wrote: “We wish the greatest success to @statedept in building relations with Narnia. I find it laughable that confirms the childish efforts of the US to promote a failed political and diplomatic fantasy.

In his trill, Gil questioned the announcement by Brian Nichols, Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, who applauded Figuera's meeting with an unknown State Department official.

Nichols stated that from Washington, they continue to support the "efforts of the National Assembly (null) to return to Venezuela the democracy that its people deserve."

On repeated occasions, the Venezuelan government has extended its willingness to normalize its relations with its US counterpart, but "childish" attitudes such as those demonstrated by their administrations have prevented high-level negotiations from being reached.

Dinorah Figuera is a fugitive from Venezuelan justice residing in Madrid, Spain, a country to which her extradition has been requested. She is accused by the Venezuelan prosecutor for the crimes of usurpation of functions, treason and theft of assets.


  1. And here they continue to give guaral to that parrot too. I don't know what they are waiting for to be able to all of them.

  2. That happens when the country's authorities live the dream that one day the US will accept them and they can take their relatives to share in Las Vegas Disneyland and they don't make good decisions.

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