Carmen Meléndez urges the construction of a new course for Caracas

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The newly elected mayor of Caracas, Carmen Meléndez, on Wednesday urged all sectors to work together to build a new course for the capital.

«The people say, build what the future will be. We are all together, to build the future of Caracas, the efficient, beautiful, safe, intelligent, prosperous Caracas. We are all going to participate in the construction of this new course for the capital, "said Meléndez during the proclamation ceremony, after winning the election last Sunday.

In this sense, she asserted that for four years he will work hand in hand with the people, in order to seek immediate solutions to the problems of the 22 parishes of the capital.

«This is a government of inclusion, to those who did not vote for this option. We are with open arms to receive all the proposals, recommendations, because there is a people who voted for them. We are going to work with the people, in each community, in each parish. This is everyone's achievement. We built a victory, a resounding victory because we won in the 22 parishes of Caracas, "she said.

Meléndez, who indicated that he will continue to receive the proposals of the Venezuelan people, described this day as a fact
«Historical for the Homeland, for Caracas».

“We must continue to do the work with the people. The people are the ones who tell us what to do in each community. We have many wounds from the war, but we are going to heal them with solutions, in every corner, in every neighborhood, in flat Caracas, in everything. That we do not have anything left out, "she said.

On the other hand, he invited opposition leaders and candidates to start collecting campaign material to start cleaning up in the capital.

«Let's collect the entire campaign, all campaign material. Posters, banners, everything that was pasted on the poles, because we have a beautiful and clean Caracas, we must keep it beautifully organized. Since last night, we began to lead by example, to collect banners and campaign material, "she said.

She also thanked the work done by the National Electoral Council (CNE) in the regional and municipal elections last Sunday, work that was highlighted by all the international observers invited to the election day.

“I want to thank the CNE for a great mission that it fulfilled this Sunday, complying with transparency, which gave its results the same day, setting an example to the world that we have a strengthened CNE. All international observers say so. They have submitted the reports, and they say so. We don't say it. We always believed in the CNE in all the elections we have had in these years of revolution, "she said.

At the event, the Electoral Board also proclaimed the elected councilors on November 21.

Circumscription 1: Doralys Silva (PSUV)

Constituency 2: Alexander Aranguren (PSUV)

Circumscription 3: Danielys Angulo (PSUV)

District 4: Armando Graterol (PSUV)

Circumscription 5: Jimmy Gudiño (PSUV)



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