CNE extends the process of accreditation of witnesses in the electoral registry

The National Electoral Council (CNE) reported that the Instructions to extend the credentials of the witnesses of the political parties in the Special Electoral Registration Day is available on the website of the electoral body.

On the site you will find the document for the accreditation of the witnesses in the aforementioned day that, according to the schedule of the electoral body, will run until July 15.

On Monday, the youth leadership of the Copei asked the CNE to enable more points for the registration and updating of the Electoral Registry to designate their witnesses, go to the establishment of the centers and start the application process.

In accordance with electoral regulations, political organizations may accredit one witness for each of the centers, who at the end of each day must record a record in the Regional Electoral Office with the observations, proposals and recommendations that it deems pertinent.

This witness cannot be an electoral officer or be part of the personnel assigned to work during the registration and data update day.

Likewise, it is indicated that the witnesses must be registered to vote in the same municipal entity where they are accredited as witnesses and the accreditation must reflect the name of the center in which they will act as a witness.

The measure of extending the accreditation of witnesses was recognized by the Democratic Alliance, which considered that the electoral body has strengthened the confidence of the electorate around the Venezuelan Electoral System.



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