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Bolivarian tide overflowed the streets of Yaritagua against the sanctions

The Chavista militancy went out to march against the blockade, in defense of the Revolution and in support of President Maduro

The town of Yaritagua, Peña municipality of Yaracuy state, overflowed this Friday in a massive march that toured the main streets of the town, to speak out against the blockade and international sanctions, in defense of the revolutionary process and in support of the re-election of President Nicolás Maduro.

Padre Arquímedes Torres Avenue was completely filled with militants and sympathizers of the different political groups that make up the Great Patriotic Pole, as well as the people in general.

The march was led by the state liaison to the National Directorate of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv) and governor of Yaracuy, Julio León, mayor Juan Parada and other members of the regional political team.

The first regional leader congratulated the people of Peña for the excellent mobilization, which he described as one of the largest recorded in the entity this year.

“The people are in the streets defending the achievements and everything achieved in the Revolution. Those people who reject sanctions and Yankee interventionism and who will come out next July 28 to vote for our re-election candidate Nicolás Maduro, and to say NO to the empire,” León stressed.

Likewise, Mayor Juan Parada expressed his joy at the large turnout and assured that in the next presidential elections the Venezuelan people will come out en masse to provide their unrestricted support to Nicolás Maduro.

“Here are thousands of people with a lot of faith in this country, who today took to the streets led by Governor Julio León to tell the world that these humble and Chavista people are with our president Nicolás Maduro. We continue to advance with the revolution and we are going to win,” said Parada.

A town with its President

Likewise, Arnaldo González, who participated in the march in the company of his entire family, highlighted that the Venezuelan people are clear about everything that has happened in the country, so they are not going to be fooled by those who only want to take power. to hand over the country to foreign interests.

“We are in the streets today, against the empire, against those who only want to dominate us to keep our wealth; but we are not going to allow that. We are going to vote for our president Nicolás Maduro, to defend the legacy of Chávez, the homeland and all the achievements we have achieved in the Revolution,” González highlighted.

For her part, Amarily Contreras, an 18-year-old young man, who was at the march in the company of her brothers and classmates, pointed out that the youth is with President Nicolás Maduro, because thanks to him young people have access to education, without obstacles or complications, and greater participation in the development and execution of public policies.

“I am studying Psychology at the Martín Luther King University, right here in Yaritagua, without going to another city, thanks to the revolutionary Government and our president Nicolás Maduro, who is always attentive to our training. In addition, we are even active in the projects we carry out in the community. For all that, we are with Maduro,” said the young woman.

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