Mobile Field Surgical Hospital installed in Apure state

Photo: Courtesy Twitter

Continuing with the Bolivarian Shield 2021 operation, the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) mobilized the Campaign Mobile Surgical Hospital system in Apure state, to guarantee and reinforce effective medical and surgical care for the Venezuelan combatants who defend the border against the groups. Colombian irregular.

The caravan of vehicles adapted to offer this care was jointly deployed by the Operational Strategic Command of the military institution (CEO-FANB) and the General Directorate of Military Health (DigesaludFANB), to support patriotic soldiers who at the expense of their lives, they evict Colombian armed narco-paramilitaries from the national territory who are trying to open a military conflict on the border by attacking Venezuelan towns.

This was disseminated through the accounts on the social networks of the Operational Strategic Command, @ceofanb and @ Libertad020
"In an integrated way with @DigesaludFANB, the CEOFANB is present in the Apure state, guaranteeing the immediate attention of our #FANB fighters, who remain defending our Venezuelan plain, we continue in combat."



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