Darío Vivas Campaign Command sworn in in the western area of ​​Monagas

In an act held from the roofed court of the Liceo Nacional Félix Antonio Calderón, in Aragua de Maturín, Piar municipality west of Monagas and accompanied by supporters of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), the Dario Vivas Campaign Command was sworn in for this zone, in preparation for the upcoming elections of December 6 to the National Assembly (AN).

On this occasion, the Vice President of Finance of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Yelitza Santaella, received the support of the Chavista militancy, with which they aspire to ensure a perfect victory in the parliamentary elections. 

Santaella, who also exercises functions as governor of the eastern entity, said that today when the Venezuelan State chaired by Nicolás Maduro Moros is attacked and with him his people, the political structures of the PSUV have the task of going out and explaining to the people the situation that the country lives with the lack of gas, gasoline and other services. "Commander Chávez told us that it is not easy to build the Revolution and socialism, but here we are fighting and facing the most criminal wars that the Venezuelan state has experienced in recent years." 

The regional president pointed out that from that space that represents the highest expression of the Legislative Power in the country and those who currently direct it, they have used it as a springboard to extract State resources, looting PDVSA assets, seizing gold in internationally protected and seizing the Citgo oil plant in the United States to negotiate it in their interests. 

He added that "the Venezuelan people know that we are Chávez's people, the ones who will be firm to continue to stand up and stand beside them in these moments of crisis that the opposition implemented with the request for sanctions and the imposition of economic blockades."

For his part, Ernesto Luna, regional coordinator of the PSUV in Monagas and candidate for the Monagas list vote, assured that the task on the next 6-D is not only to recover this institution, but to guarantee that the Venezuelan people have a voice in it. 

In turn, Omar Farias, candidate of the country for circuit 2 of Monagas, valued the participation of the political representatives of the municipalities Piar, Acosta, Caripe, Bolívar, Cedeño, Punceres, Aguasay, and Ezequiel Zamora. "With the victory of December 6, we will be showing the world that the sons of Chávez are not willing to give up, but that we will continue to fight with dignity against the petty interests of the imperialist system."

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