Attorney General described the illegal detention of Alex Saab as kidnapping

The Attorney General of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Tarek William Saab, described as kidnapping the illegal detention of the Venezuelan special envoy and Alternate Ambassador to the African Union, Alex Saab, a case that constitutes an example of a flagrant violation of the right to defense, to the due process and clear violation of human rights.

When inaugurating his new communication channel #ElSpacesDelFiscalTarek on the platform of the social network Twitter, the highest representative of the Public Ministry affirmed that this illegal process against Alex Saab "has been used with great infamy to attack the Venezuelan institutions while his arrest was totally illegal, I call it kidnapping, he has a diplomatic ground that assists him, he did many legal activities in favor of the acquisition of medicines, food, among others ”.

New communication channel #ElSpacesDelFiscalTarek on the platform of the social network Twitter / Photo: Twitter

Then, William Saab continued that “in the middle of one of these activities he was illegally detained, where, as he himself has pointed out, his human rights, his right to defense, due process, have been totally violated, and they claim present it as a trophy of a war that seems not to be fourth generation, but fifth, sixth generation ”.

He added that in the midst of the criminal blockade and the sanctions that have exponentially affected the Venezuelan people, the Public Powers and the National Government have had to face difficult moments to defend the truth of Venezuela in international instances, since from the adverse factors of the right they have focused on “placing obstacles and obstacles to a job, with the intention of penalizing and criminalizing; seek moral lynching; I am against all of that and it must be faced with courage, with dignity ”.

The highest representative of the public Vindicta clarified that the government authorities are aware that it is “an everyday task, that we are winning it with the truth, that they do not forget that, the truth always comes out and in such sense, I invite you to never lower your guard ”.

De manera categórica, Saab dijo que resulta ineludible que en estos momentos de pandemia tanto «la medicina, la salud pública y su defensa se convierten en la defensa de la vida humana», por eso no entiende cómo se puede actuar de manera despiadada contra todo un pueblo al imponer sanciones y generar un proceso de persecusión para impedir la compra de vacunas. «¿Quién puede estar a favor de que a Venezuela se le bloquee con sanciones?, ¿Qué se le persiga para que no podamos comprar vacunas?, los que estén de acuerdo con eso son criminales, porque al final esa vacuna va a salvar a una madre, a una hija, a un hijo, a un nieto”.

Finally, the Attorney General of the Republic stated that we are in the presence of a crime against humanity, as pointed out in the past days by the Vice President of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez.

Para Tarek William Saab, se activan otras estrategias o tácticas para crear obstáculos para nuestro país, destacando que ahora se han dado a la tarea de intentar socavar «la economía venezolana,confiscando bienes, bloqueando cuentas para que no se compren medicinas es un crimen de lesa humanidad que hay que denunciar”.



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