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Arreaza affirms that the US strikes down international law

The decision made by the Organization of American States (OAS) to accept the “envoy” of the former deputy to the National Assembly in contempt, Juan Guaidó representing Venezuela, is proof that the United States is violating international law, the foreign minister sentenced this Wednesday of the Republic Jorge Arreaza.

"It is no surprise that Washington strike down international law and destroy tailor-made institutions like the OAS. The enslaving submission of various governments in the region stands out. It is obvious that some give in under extortion, others do so out of willing subordination. ”

In this regard, the National Government denounced that the decision made this Tuesday in an extraordinary session of the Permanent Council is also a violation to the OAS Charter, and "validates the coup plan begun on January 23 last" when Guaidó swore in as president in charge of Venezuela during an act in a public square.

Venezuela formalized its withdrawal from this organization on April 27, 2017, since an interventionist plan has been developed against the country since Luis Almagro assumed as Secretary General of the organization.

On April 27, the two regulatory years will be completed to make effective the withdrawal of Venezuela from the international body.

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