The West and China (II): pride and cynical lies | Vladimir Acosta

I finished the last article talking about the inevitable envy of Europe, turned into a servile colony Yankee, seeing that China that it assaulted, plundered, humiliated and despised for two centuries, turned into the strong, sovereign and unstoppable power that it is now. I add here something that due to lack of space had no place in that article. Envy is not everything. No policy, which is action and struggle for power, even more so if it is intended to be great, like that of the West, could be reduced only to it. And even less in the current picture of what the West is, because for almost a century its absolute leader is no longer that Europe subjected and resigned to servility, but the arrogant American Empire that imposes its will on it daily.

This enduring fact holds out any hatred or envy against China. Europe may envy it, but not the United States. In the politics of this, undisputed master and leader of the West, it cannot even be said that there is envy, for the simple reason that the United States does not envy anyone. To do so would be to deny oneself, since it is the indispensable country, the chosen people, the right hand of God, who embodies the Good and fulfills its mandates, whether it is about dropping nuclear bombs against civilian populations or starving countries. those you have blocked because they no longer agree to submit to your domain.

The confrontation of the United States with China is already inevitable. It remains only to clarify what form it will assume. Biden seeks to be more aggressive than Trump. His difference with the latter, who threatened and sanctioned without speaking of human rights, is that he, more hypocritical than the Republican, to show that the United States, the lighthouse of the world, is back ready to regain its world leadership with him at the forefront. to China with even more aggressive language, but trying to make the world believe that his response is based on the fact that his country is a defender of human rights, that China would be violating, and that it condemns the occupation of foreign territories, that China would be occupying . Meanwhile, the servile Europe that, on the one hand, resigns itself to accepting China's economic advance and signs a great commercial treaty with it, Biden hardly stutters, slavishly follows him, repeating, while wagging its tail, what the voice of the master says.

What is China now accused of? It is no longer about stealing technology, spying, and having an overly favorable trade balance with the United States, but about continuing to occupy foreign territories and violating the human rights of their populations, even leading to genocide. And what is really happening in Xinjiang with the Uighur population? Explaining it would take me the rest of the article. I prefer to recommend the serious and very well-informed article by Alberto Rodríguez García ¿Uyghur genocide or propaganda against China? published two weeks ago on the Russian portal RT and also China's response dismantling the accusations without a base from the United States and its combo that has circulated in various media.

For my part, I prefer to remind you of the extensive history of theft from foreign territories, violation of human rights and true genocides carried out by their accusers in Europe and the United States from the seventeenth century to the present. That would require a thick multi-volume work, so it is enough to mention a few cases.

Let's see. How can we forget that Europe was a slave and slave trader since the seventeenth century, especially England, and France? How can we forget that their kings and their intellectuals were, like Newton, Voltaire, Locke and others, all of them shareholders of black companies? How can we forget that, in those centuries of English rule, Liverpool was the great center of the slave trade? How can we finally forget that this brutal trade in human flesh was one of the bases of its original accumulation and its capitalist industrialization?

And the massacres? And the robberies of territories? Have they already forgotten? How and by what right did England appropriate India and Ceylon? Didn't another thief who came first have to get France out of India? How did England steal their land from the brave Zulus, who faced the deadly bullets of their rifles with spears and bare chests? Wasn't that a massacre to steal territory? How did British settlers massacre Indigenous Australians? How in Tasmania did they go out armed to kill Tasmanians, as if they were foxes or deer? They exterminated them all. Wasn't that genocide? Doesn't anyone remember Truganini?

And the French, do you remember the conquest of Algeria, and of Tocqueville, yes, the same Democracy in America, celebrating the French soldiers locking up the Algerian rebels in their villages and burning them all alive? Don't you remember either the conquest of Vietnam and how Pierre Loti celebrated seeing the mass-slaughtered Vietnamese drop dead like flies? What human rights were Tocqueville and Loti defending here? Do they also remember the Algerian war of independence and the new massacres of Algerians, one of which incidentally occurred in Paris?

And the Belgians, have they forgotten the conquest of the Congo and the beautiful humanitarian work of King Leopold II, cutting off the hands and feet of Congolese who could not meet the rubber quota that he demanded of them?

And Germany, has it forgotten the genocide of the Nama and Herero peoples in present-day Namibia? His extermination was carried out between 1904 and 1908 by Hitler's precursor military hero, Lothar von Trotha. Understandable forgetfulness, because after Hitler it is not worth remembering.

And the main one, the United States, is still missing.

The American colonies were slave-owning those of the north and the center and slave-owning those of the south.

America's founding fathers were nearly all slaveholders. Washington was the largest landowner and slave owner in the country. Mason, Jefferson, Madison and Monroe followed. Andrew Jackson was a slaughterer of Indians, a slave trader, and a slave owner. After the assassination of George Floyd, statues of slave or slave-owning heroes were demolished, but others were removed in time and are waiting in hiding for a new chance to return to their old places.

How the United States silences the genocidal extermination of its indigenous population, those dreadful massacres that were Sand creek y Wounded knee. How it silences the change from slavery to racial segregation, the Ku Klux Klan and the massacres of the black population that have never stopped and never stopped increasing.

Who stole Texas from the Mexicans? Who waged war on Mexico and stripped it of half its territory? Who stole Guantanamo from Cuba? Who massacred the Philippine pro-independence activists ordering the killing without trial of men, women and also all children over 10 years of age? And the other crimes? Atomic bombs against Japan, terrible massacres and bacteriological warfare in Korea, similar massacres in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia with millions and millions of dead, invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq with more millions of deaths, destruction of Libya and looting of Syria, criminal blockade of Cuba and now Venezuela to starve both countries.

And there are only some so far useless questions: How, with that horrendous record of centuries of appropriation of foreign territories, of looting, assassinations, massacres, genocides and violation of all the rights of others, the United States and its combo of Europeans dare servile to claim something from anyone?

How is it possible that they lie without shame to speak in the name of democracy and freedom and that there are people, and I do not mean only their accomplices and mercenaries, who still believe them when they do?

And when is this humanity going to finally silence them, judging them for their crimes and telling them that enough is enough?


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