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Weakness of justice

For two decades and a little more, Venezuela has been experiencing a process of change in the midst of a crisis that has wreaked social havoc, while in the field of law the situation is no different. We are witnessing - as Luigi Ferrajoli would say - a deep and growing crisis of law that manifests itself in various forms and on multiple levels. Ultimately it is a crisis of the principle of legality, and it is precisely these manifestations of struggle for compliance with the law that make us reflect in all seriousness on a new system of justice that helps to die the old structures on which it rests. the current system, already tired of old procedures and so many vices that seem to never end.

A serious judicial reform, in the current circumstances of Latin America, must be presented in the terms of a justice project different from all the justice systems that have existed in our countries. This means access for everyone, without exceptions, to the bodies of justice, responding to social conflict, rescuing compliance with the law or, simply, giving effectiveness to the principle of legality and fighting against selectivity, especially in the countryside. criminal, law and crime, without forgetting that the Law, as it is conceived in our society, has long ceased to be an instrument of transformation to become the primary reality of groups that use it as support in clear weakness of the justice. That is not the Law that corresponds to the idea of ​​justice and much less to reason.

Someone said that the weakness of the law and the weakness of the judges are two views on the same phenomenon and it is very difficult to know which one started first. In short, the weakness of the Judiciary is historic. Years go by, systems go by, while justice continues to be an unattainable desire, something like the eternal pending question. But we talk and talk about it without the possibility of containing so many vain talkers, so much vaniloquy, so much useless, fruitless and ineffective speech. I would say, in the manner of Borges, that in this discourse there is “a fundamental vagueness,” because that has been justice for the Latin American peoples.

I said these same words once, back in 2007 in Maturín, and nothing has happened. Today I return and repeat them for a new justice. Who removes!

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