The new bills of two hundred thousand, five hundred thousand and one million bolivars are another symptom of a deep illness, so much so that together they do not add up to the value of a dollar, which is the currency in which any seller gives you a price. The pulverization of the country's monetary sign is one of the terrible consequences of this already very long hyperinflation that is going through like a collapse in any personal, business or national economic forecast. The production of any good or service, the financing, the compensation and social security of the workers, the regulatory instability and the corrupt practices associated with it and the markets marked by scarcity and irregularity, all pollute the swampy water of our stagnant economy. in which heroic entrepreneurial efforts emerge and also sudden fortunes that take advantage or speculate with the moment.

Fedecámaras and other unions have decided to speak face to face with the power to deal with these problems and their solutions. I can imagine that there were strong discussions in the leadership to take that brave step. I understand the private distrust learned in years and the one that springs from prejudice in the governmental world. But that route, although uncertain, I find it sensible. I hope that among those who make public decisions, there is receptivity and sincere willingness to seek alternatives. It is needed, very much. Assuming reality would be a good start.

Any improvement in the economy will bring relief to a population that is suffering and that is no small thing. My votes are that agreements are reached and they produce results that people can feel. They will be modest but that does not diminish their importance in a general picture as critical as it is prolonged.

I also know that real improvements involve major changes and that sooner or later we will come across the decisive importance of legal security, clear rules, and the effective enforcement of rights, for example property rights. We all suffer from their precariousness.

Regaining the lost trust, within the country and abroad, is going to be crucial and in this objective, the institutional functioning of the Rule of Law is a universally accepted requirement.

There is that dialogue and surely there will be others in other spheres. It's hard? Of course, very difficult, but "With a way everything can be done" once wrote Bolívar and those who name him so much, although now less, could (should) at least try.


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