Vote: for peace and democracy

Some say that going to vote next December is giving support to the Maduro government. But that is false: the fact of going to vote does not imply any support for the current Executive. The elections are scheduled according to our Constitution, and are an invitation to express ourselves and decide who should be part of the new National Assembly. The elections are an opportunity, a door that opens to begin to leave this labyrinth where we find ourselves. And, very importantly, to do it in a peaceful and democratic way. This opportunity should be seized. The action of going to vote which does manifest is that we support democracy, and that we want to solve our problems in a peaceful and constitutional way: without interference from foreign powers, without weapons, without chaos, without blood.

On this occasion we can choose between very varied proposals, of which some go alone and others in partnership. There is, of course, the Psuv and also other parties that concur with it. But there are more options: communists, social Christians, social democrats, democratic left, center ... Unfortunately, some political currents have decided to follow the abstentionist path, which in our circumstances could end up leading to violence. It is a very dangerous path.

The electoral conditions are acceptable: there are opponents in the National Electoral Council, the audits are numerous, the technology is efficient and safe… Will there still be fraud in the end? We do not know for sure, but it would be absurd not to vote "because then the government is going to commit fraud." This situation would have to be faced in due course, if it were to occur. Doing it in a, let's say, preventive way is nonsense.

A new National Assembly is not going to solve all our problems, but it is an important step forward. Especially if all of us are going to vote and that body then expresses the will of the citizenry as a whole. This would result in a plural Assembly, and representative of what we are. I believe that it is convenient for the country today to have a National Assembly with a democratic opposition majority, which balances and controls the action of the Executive. But not that, repeating mistakes of the past, it seeks to remove him from power at the wrong time and in a violent way.


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