Viruses have three outstanding characteristics: 1- although they come from outside, the nature of their action is completely internal, they need to be inoculated and associated with the recipient's cells in order to activate and produce effects; 2- their “modus operandi” consists of reproducing, multiplying and dispersing until the organism they have attacked collapses; Although they are not "immortal", that is, as individual units can disappear, their rapid multiplication means that their presence and their effects generally last a long time.

It happens, naturally, with the coronavirus, which in a short time engulfed the entire planet and, so far, runs faster than the actions to contain it. In the same way that it attacks people with previous illnesses more fiercely, it takes a deadly flight in populations with economic, social and political vulnerabilities.

It also happens with sanctions. Washington replicates its strategy in many countries, seeks to economically collapse societies, and is permanently adding new "coercive measures." In Cuba they have been maintained for 60 years, in Iran they have been for more than 40 years, in Zimbabwe they have been since 2002 and in Syria since 2004, Russia has been sanctioned on multiple occasions since the beginning of the Soviet Union, 100 years ago. Sanctions are a fundamental piece, if not already the main one, of US “international policy”.

Similarly occurs with the events of Apure, where the FANB clashes with Colombian terrorists persist, they seek to reproduce scenarios already seen in Syria and Libya, where the objective of mercenary penetration is to collapse the national defense structure to "bring down the regime. ”.

And it happens with the "Coqui" in Caracas, which as a phenomenon is born and nests in the social conflict inherent in our reality, and seeks to expand, colonizing spaces and reproducing chaos, dancing on the "failures" of the system.

Finally, this behavior is typical of the so-called “fake news”, which, as with the pandemic, the blockade, Apure and the Cota 905, adhere to elements of reality, but distort it and make it “scandalous”, because in this way they are “shared” so many times that, although they are later denied, many people will continue to believe them.

Virality has taken over our lives, becoming common. Common, then, must be the resistances.




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