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The Venezuela of Orlando Araujo

The ninth edition of the Orlando Araujo Biennial is being held from the state of Barinas with the now customary mode of communicating virtually, which is what the pandemic allows at this time. The most important thing is that communication takes place and people from all over the country have effectively participated, in reaffirming the memory of a writer, analyst, economist, lover of Venezuelan literature and culture, whose memory should be enduring (Calderas, 27 August 1928-Caracas, September 1987).

Through social networks, any interested party can locate the readings through videos and audios, made by other writers of Orlando's work, and in addition to other communications added to the circumstance, such as the tribute to the recently deceased writers (Armando Rojas Guardia, Blas Perozo Naveda and Sael Ibañez) whose reference has invited friends to make interventions on their works as well.

Facebook and other virtual spaces serve as the cradle for this activity, which has had the leadership of Leonardo Ruíz and Ana María Oviedo in its conduction (among other top organizers).

Orlando Araujo has always been present for us, even after his death, because he has been an important voice among the intellectuals who definitely love this country, and have considered themselves as linked in every possible way to the place where they were born, lived. and they made their own what corresponds to our history, ancestral and face-to-face cultural inputs, and has made a work where that root is essential.

Orlando not only carried out work of analysis to the economy and the history of the country, but also made literature, cinema, and even considered the creation of a character: Miguel Vicente Patacaliente, as being the protagonist of his capitulated feat, to speak to children since a child.

We remembered these days, with Aníbal Arteaga, the adaptation that he himself made for the cinema of a wonderful story by Orlando Araujo, which tells of how the human being and the horse met, and that we would like to see carried out as such sometime, in the screens of our national rooms. A beautiful literary piece, with the lyricism, the caution, the deep sense of the human that this beloved writer gave to his texts. Hopefully we have the possibility to carry it out.

All this series of stories, a complete feat about that beautiful character from Orlando, is worth spreading for present and future generations of Venezuelan children. Plus all the rest of his literary work, the film adaptation of his Travel Companion, the look at Barinas and the country, which Orlando defended so much, from his critical and courageous perspective. We applaud this effort to give permanence to his work and all that it means as an incentive in the effort to love our necessary Venezuela.

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