Useful democratic power

The Venezuelan Constitution, in the tradition of democratic and social constitutionalism, contemplates separate and balanced public powers by functions and distributed territorially.

Separation why?

Let's sum it up in Lord Acton's phrase, because “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. He said that at the end of the 1690th century, that's how old the problem will be. So much so that more than two thousand years ago Aristotle advocated a “moderate government” that balanced the advantages of monarchy, aristocracy and republic, fighting their evils and already separated the functions of legislating, governing and judging. In the philosopher are the bases of the thought of John Locke in his Essays on Civil Government of 1748. And of Montesquieu in his classic work of XNUMX The spirit of the laws, where he goes so far as to say that “Everything would be lost if the same man or the same body of principals or nobles, or the people, exercise all powers ”Centuries of insistence.

Separation for what?

For power to be useful for the purpose that justifies it in human society, which is the pursuit of the common good.
Humanity went from absolute, personal, unlimited power to distributed, institutional and limited power, both in time and in competencies. It was not easy and many times, it was not bloodless either. But it was the meaning of history. Politically speaking, we could say that the civilizing process.

The constitution is a system, its parts are interrelated. Its values, its aims or purposes are upstream of the organization of power and the distribution of powers that carries them out. If a State proclaims that it advocates as the superior values ​​of its legal order and its actions “life, liberty, justice, equality, solidarity, democracy, social responsibility and, in general, the preeminence of human rights , ethics and political pluralism ”as in the case of the Venezuelan, according to article 2 of the Constitution, he is assuming a very serious, very solemn commitment that cannot be denied with impunity by the functioning of his public powers in real life.

If a State is Federal and decentralized "in the established terms" constitutionally, as here, it must respect that distribution designed so that the people of each region and municipality have effective control over the power that is exercised in their name and it serves them, be useful.


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