USA: fascism lives

Fortunately, Jorge Rodríguez, Sr. also lives, through his worthy and talented children, Jorge, Delcy and Delcy mama, synonymous with consequence and wisdom. That the United States has entered decline is not news. His plan is to overthrow governments that are adverse to him. They generate noise in Cuba, forgetting that this revolution has defeated them for more than 60 years.

The Cubans, from Playa Girón, end up taking the mercenaries prisoners. Then, in freedom, between one drink and another, they accuse the US of being a traitor. Furthermore, they do not fully understand that an aggression against Cuba will make even the American people react.

Simultaneously, they attack Venezuela and assassinate Jovenel Moïse, president of Haiti. To Colombia and Brazil they sent Craig Faller, head of the US Southern Command and the director of the CIA, William Burns, who know that there will be no popular uprising against Maduro. They opted for mercenaries. Not finding a position of total submission on the part of the president of Haiti, Jovenel Moïse, they chose to assassinate him. The wife linked the murder to the president's desire to hold a referendum and draft another constitution. The gringos are not interested in that. For them, what is "efficient" is "to kill that black man."

They chose to deliver millions of dollars and weapons to the gangs and organize an uprising, “insurrectional”? On July 7 and 8 in the neighborhoods of Cota 905. The gangs tried, but the Fanbs and the security forces , it was a lot for them. The CIA will insist on rejecting the political channels. We will not stop preparing against gringo aggression. We will have assassinated, but the outcome will not be favorable to you. We will triumph.

Correctly understanding how the fight is going to unfold is essential, as is maintaining the fighting spirit of the population. The withdrawal of Cota 905, although forced by a defeat, could it be transformed into a diversionary maneuver? They lost men, weapons, credibility ... Since the failure it is not easy to gather forces and the aforementioned US chiefs are part of the shipwreck.

Will Colombia dress the military as mercenaries? USA what? The national-world situation of both does not facilitate shameless maneuvering. Criminals have killer intelligence. Keeping your eyes and mind wide open is a crucial duty.


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