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Until when trees!

Car dealerships are grappling with the tough dilemma of deciding between injecting burned oil and lubricants or stoning with cement the tree roots that prevent their customers from seeing the face of their businesses.

And even when the most frequent is the felling without embarrassment and impudence, followed by the burning and extraction of roots with cranes, the cement tombstone takes more and more force, since it allows an excusable tree fall without apparent perpetrators.

The holy burial with concrete is visible at the foot of any tree erected in front of the concessionaires, but it is already seen more frequently in front of any business located in the avenues, streets and urbanizations where community awareness and organization does not exist or is weak; and where municipal mayors allow their officials to use environmental ordinances as blackmail rules to "round up" their salaries.

Look at the deforestation of Las Mercedes, Santa Monica, Los Rosales, Caricuao, El Bosque, Catia, La California, El Valle. As soon as the old houses and their leafy gardens begin to be transformed into "Entrepreneurships", logging starts with or without permission, argued with the hackneyed and buried excuse that they obstruct the visibility of the business, raise the floor or prevent the passage of vehicles. .

Trees also "bark" many families. The preferred arguments for cutting down any bush, no matter how small, when it is inside the house, is: "I do what I want at home"; and when it is on the sidewalk, it is because the root is deteriorating the foundations of the house or is to blame for the clogged pipe, even when uncovered, the lady's pubic hairs wrapped in the wire are visible, notorious and communicative.

Yes indeed. Our media faithfully maintain the editorial-informative line that every fallen tree is the responsibility of the tree. Tree knocks down house and smashes car! They make headlines. The responsibility is never the responsibility of the intelligent, civilized and ecological citizen, the same one who complains furiously when the jet does not appear in the pipes.

But not only concessionaires kill trees. They also hinder Corpoelec, the Ministry for Popular Power of Infrastructure, PDVSA and the body that should ensure that it is the reason for its existence: Hidrocapital.

For the first, it is not enough to deforest thousands of hectares to sow our emblematic Waraira Repano hill with towers and spikes, but also mercilessly cut down every branch near the lines of its cables.

The Ministry does not lack scruples either to "prune" the branches that try to create green tunnels in some areas of the Cacique Guaicaipuro highway. When he turns on the Uribista chainsaw, nothing matters to him to unbalance the trees until they break their branches and make them fall on the Guaire, a historic and emblematic river that asks, in its slow agony, that its banks be used to adorn Caracas with a grove of araguaneyes, apamates , Trinidadian, from Caricuao to Petare.  

More examples of ecocide? With a “Bolivarian” boast, PDVSA is determined to show its patriotism by inoculating the bark of the trees surrounding its headquarters in La Campiña with tricolor paint, while Hidrocapital mercilessly cuts down the banana plantation raised in the garden located in front of the water pumping station of La Florida, to sow seeds of stone and granzón.

As is the case with anyone who fails to comply with the norms and values ​​of this fragmented and segmented society, read crazy, gay, whores, destitute, in short, all maladjusted minority, trees have been prohibited from integrating the city; They have their concentration camp reserved for them, with the right of admission and communicable diseases included.

To show the world our inhuman incapacity to coexist with the trees, some are confined in that House so capable of defeating the shadows, UCV, which subjects them to ringworm and special phytosanitary neglect; Others are confined in the Waraira Repano, where they are tortured with invasions, extraction of species, incinerating tantrums from Guaidó's little white-handed friends. Or victims of the knives of passionate hikers who in their ardent love affairs stab them to join "I love you."


  1. Good morning Mr. Sandoval, valued defender of the tree. I have read his essay and it seems too exaggerated to me, although I recognize his veneration, you should also understand. the understandable… among many things the law of entropy and the danger to which this also leads. Certainly someone wrote and rightly so, that really "The trees die standing." There are people who do not want to realize this and I am a witness of having seen many large and even leafy ones fall, although with metastases and this constitutes a danger for anyone who is there or passes by at the least indicated moment on their side.
    And I always wonder where are the mayors and councilors? Why don't they diligently do what they have to do? and you defenders…what do they do about it? It seems to me that, just like politicians, they do harm by speaking a lot without taking into account the opinion of those affected.
    I apologize for my comment but I have been meditating on this urban problem for a long time.
    Best regards!

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