For how long? I Vladimir Acosta

Why is this current humanity so docile and compliant with the crimes, massacres and murders that both the American empire and the European countries that serve them commit one after another? Why does this empire and its servant Europe not only commit these crimes, but in most cases they celebrate them with impunity; and at other times they enjoy them in secret and hide them from the complacent world press that accepts it because it belongs to them? And why is it still being accepted that the United States (EU) and Europe, stained by all these crimes, continue to present themselves to the world as unattainable models and examples of free, democratic countries and defenders of human rights that they trample on every day? Why, in short, do we let them be our judges, evaluate us, qualify or disqualify us as democracies or dictatorships and be the arbitrators to decide whether or not our elections are free and whether we respect or violate those human rights that do they preach by word of mouth and crush daily with their deeds, with their cynicism, their hypocrisy, their wars and their crimes?

Wouldn't it be fair and necessary to review, both Europe and the United States, their terrible criminal records and disseminate them, to remind them of what they really are and thus put them in their place?

I start with Europe, whose history is longer. I want to take a quick look at key moments of the curriculum history in freedom, democracy and human rights that it has, starting with the old medieval times of its rise as an ambitious continent of domination, times in which these issues and rights were not taken into account, but in which a continent like Europe that it is said democratic, libertarian and defender of human rights should have been at least a precursor. I will take only a few key facts or moments, enough to give a basis for what I try to show, such as the crusades, the Inquisition, the wars of religion, the witch hunt, racism, colonialism, its colonial wars, the two wars. worlds, and their recent wars in the service of imperialism Yankee.

Of the crusades, two words are enough about the first, which initiated the European plan to colonize the Near East, and the fourth, directed against Christians, which set about plundering Byzantium. I will say something else about the medieval inquisition. An instrument of power of the Church with the complicity of the State, it was a clear denial of the right of every human being to freely express their thoughts. The inquisitorial process punished that freedom with torture and death, since what contradicted religious dogma was punishable. The accusation of heresy could be made by the Church, but it was often anonymous. The accused lacked the right to know who was accusing him and to have a defender, since the Church would label him a heretic and would also make him a defendant. Torture was mandatory because no one was innocent and the Church only accepted that the accused admit his guilt after being tortured. And then, as he said he hated blood, he handed over the guilty disjoint to the State, which was in charge of burning him alive. 

Then there are the wars of religion and the witch hunt. The first are the brutal clash of two Christian inquisitions, a duel to the death of religious intolerance that sets the continent on fire for two centuries, leaving thousands and thousands of dead, Papists and Reformed, all Christians murdered by other Christians in the name of God. Another beautiful civilizing show. But even worse is the witch hunt, an irrational and criminal madness like no other, through which the European Church and State of various countries decide that women are all instruments of Satan and that he possesses them and uses them to destroy the Christian Church. Church and State are dedicated to persecuting women, accusing them of witches, torturing them mercilessly and burning them alive. (The more civilized English hanged them.) This incredible monstrosity remained in the Europe we call rational. modern and renaissance for almost three centuries.

It follows modern racism and the classification of humans into hierarchical races.

Both are European creations. Modern racism, based on skin color, has been emerging since the XNUMXth century, when modern European colonialism began its American and Asian expansion. Topics: the American Indian and the African black, victims of the capitalist colonialism that is beginning. The Negro is inferior and that is why he is a slave, the Indian is inferior and that is why he is a servant. And in the XNUMXth century, when the expansive European colonialism took on ideological profiles, Europe created and spread its classification of humans into races. At the top, the European white, soon called Aryan, superior, of unattainable intelligence, the only full human being. Below, the yellow, that is, the Chinese, the Japanese and the Indian of India, good only for managing and trading. Much lower, the black, inferior, hard to educate, but happy and sensitive to rhythm and music. And deep down, sad and servile, hovering around the animality, the red or copper, the American Indian. There is not one humanity, there are four, forming an unchangeable hierarchy. This European denial of the unity of the human species, of its equality and its rights, still survives in many current minds and behaviors. How to forget it?

The result is the colonialism of Europe, imposed on the world through brutal, genocidal and racist wars that massacre Asians and Africans and subject the countries of those peoples to their colonial rule throughout the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries. The British take over India, Ceylon and almost all of Africa, subjugating and massacring peoples everywhere. Africa is his from Egypt to South Africa and Cecil Rhodes sets foot in Cairo and one in Cape while Rudyard Kipling celebrates what he calls "the white man's burden." But there are rebels; and English with rifles massacre heroic Zulu who fight with spears for their lands, while for their part the French massacre and burn rebellious Algerians alive, which Tocqueville celebrates; and then they massacre the Vietnamese, which cost Pierre Loti to be removed from his country's navy for objectively describing the massacre that the French troops carry out in Hue. Leopold, a despot Belgian king, who is the personal owner of the Congo, cuts off black hands in bulk as punishment as he appropriates that country's rubber from inferior Congolese. It is true that some moderate colonialists protested, but where were for the European governments of that time, all colonialists, the racial equality and the human rights of Asians and Africans?

And in the recent 10th century, the insatiable Europe provokes two terrible World Wars, which violate all freedoms and human rights, massacre civilians, destroy countries, and develop especially in their own territory, causing millions of deaths (more than 60 in the first, about 2 in the second), all accompanied by a massive destruction that leaves Europe in ruins. The first was an imperialist war to decide over rubble and mountains of corpses which of those European empires would crush and subdue the other to steal their colonies. The second was the work of revanchist German Nazism and the cowardly complicity of Great Britain and France who wanted, like Nazism, to destroy socialist Russia. This one triumphed. And the war ended with the US, which had entered it, dropping XNUMX nuclear bombs on Japan.

I will touch on the last and recent European wars, which are not theirs but the US, which imposes them on, in the next article by taking a quick look at his dark criminal record to see if it is possible to draw some conclusions from all this.


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