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Until the end of the transitions

“I'm so proud of my inconsistencies
like my consistency”

Myles Horton

Truly, the Venezuelan extreme right, in which we must include all its nuances until reaching the so-called “national” extreme right, are presenting a series of very interesting material for the new postmodern psychiatry, since they are characterized by incoherent ways of expressing actions and opinions regarding the different approaches that they are presenting to the national community, in moments of the electoral pre-campaign, heading towards Sunday, July 28, 2024.

These political inconsistencies of the diverse Venezuelan opposition present a strange “consistency of their evident inconsistencies” with a series of very contradictory features in their communication path, such as: 1.- The vast majority of voters in Venezuela consider it a great mockery with voters, when they offer “a poster-type presidential candidate”, who feels too tired to campaign, but who left in the hands of a candidate who is not a candidate, who at rallies says: “vote for him, to govern me.”

2.- Continuing on this wave of opposition incoherence, when in a strange and paradoxical way, every morning they implore on their knees to US imperialism and the European Union to increase, without any mercy, the sanctions and blockades against Venezuela and In the afternoon, when they make their political tours, they are asking the Venezuelan people to vote for them, since they are the so-called “saviors of the country” and those who will make economic prosperity possible.

3.- The nine opposition presidential candidates are promising a transitional government and offer to follow in the footsteps of the so-called former interim, each of them are only waiting for the other eight candidates to resign, making it clear that they only want to govern to dismantle the State, privatize everything, give the gold to England, the oil to the United States and the Essequibo to Guyana.

4.- And in the midst of so many transitions, the candidate who is not a candidate considers “going to the end,” as the great far-right who will turn Venezuela into a commonwealth of the United States.

Political scientist

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