Unjustified penalties

There was never any justification for the criminal political and economic sanctions illegally applied by the North American empire against Venezuela, because the supposed dictatorship on which it relied to do so never existed in our country.
But, as if it had been necessary, the mega-election carried out this weekend definitively sealed the truth that the legitimate Government of the constitutional president Nicolás Maduro Moros has maintained, regarding the solidity of our participatory and protagonist democracy; elections in Venezuela are decided by Venezuelans and Venezuelans.

The true weight of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela in Venezuelan politics is clear, confirming with this election not only its undeniable majority in popular support, but also advancing towards important spaces until now governed by the opposition, such as the Táchira and Anzoátegui governments. Which reduces to three the states in which the opposition will be the government from now on.

The opposition disaster is also exposed, not only because of the significant setback that the loss of those important governorates means for her, but also because of the deep divisions and internal conflicts that international observers could evidence, in front of whom the opposition candidates ended up falling. slapping.

Two important states like Zulia and Cojedes change hands. But that only confirms the deeply civilized character of our democratic model, in which only the people decide.

An election that reveals those who have persistently lied to the world, telling it about a terrible terminal crisis that is supposedly being suffered in Venezuela, trying to take political advantage of the infamy and slander against our country.

The ridicule of the North American empire, reiterating at the last minute its recognition of the buffoon that it tried to impose as head of the Venezuelan State, is only the corollary of the opposition's failure in our country.

There are no longer any excuses to continue the arbitrary aggression against our people. The sanctions have no justification. The overseers of more than 55 nations who witnessed this reality in person must demand their termination.


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