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University corruption

In recent days, the dean of the Faculty of Legal and Political Sciences of the Central University of Venezuela (Fcjp-UCV), professor Juan Carlos Apitz, denounced the proliferation of “companies” that, using Ucevista logos, provide a very special service that Remember that slogan of a famous advertising agency. Instead of the familiar “let us do the thinking for you,” what they offer is beyond terrifying: “Let us do the thesis for you.”

We reiterate that this situation is terrifying, because, in addition to constituting an activity that violates university regulations and intellectual property legislation, as stated in the Fcjp-UCV statement, this reveals an underlying reality of the current Venezuelan university crisis. , which cannot be resolved with a simple public statement to those who happily offer to write the theses of applicants to achieve their undergraduate and graduate degrees in exchange for money.

First of all, this is a harmful effect of what they now call “knowledge management.” That is, that scheme imported from foreign and private university academies in which the most important skill is not research, the promotion of critical thinking and the generation of new knowledge, but rather “managing” resources so that others do what those should do. who consider themselves “academics.”

Secondly, and as a consequence of the above, this is terrifying because in these “companies” there are researchers, intellectual workers and quite a few teachers, who lend themselves to this very current and assiduous practice, hiding behind the argument of being part of that complex framework of “knowledge management”, without even feeling a tinge of moral doubt or ethical regret. Furthermore, they point to the obvious and indisputable crisis of university professors' demands. But that little card is not valid here either.

Finally, the Fcjp-UCV denounces an “academic scam” without saying who the real deceiver is. It is not the authorities (whom they call), nor are it the “companies” that offer the service of “making custom thesis” (whom they point out), but rather the undergraduate and graduate student who conscientiously and conscientiously defrauds. ticket to a three-centennial institution, to his colleagues, to his family and to an entire nation that invested in his education.

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