The unpublished Venezuela

Good morning, Don Antero, how are you? Well, with a lot of desire to live and willing to continue fighting for a better Venezuela. You look hopeful. That's right, professor, because what do you gain from pessimism, anguish and despair? In addition to the pandemic, are we going to look for another evil? In that he is right. But many say they did not know of a situation like the one they live in. I understand that, but we must remember that in many cases yesterday there were worse scenarios.

Gee, Don Antero, but we do not agree. It is true that in the times of those wars, persecution and crimes, there were times of great pain. But that was another Venezuela in production. With oil another way of producing and living was established. Time of a so-called comfort that many understood as wealth for all.

And today, due to the Bolivarian revolutionary historical picture and the Yankee blockade and internal corruption factors denounced by the official party itself, this economy has become insufferable. And don't you think, professor, that this is temporary and that it will be overcome?

That is desirable, but there are no concrete signs in the short term. This crisis can spread. There are many factors at play. And the only thing that is clear is that our fate today depends on the strategy of the great international powers. It can be maintained that there will be no American invasion, but there will be a constant siege from many parts.

A border war is already being planned, which increases internally instability, restlessness and anguish. Evils that join the well-known covid-19 to procure a liquidating effect. That is why we have said that we are facing an unprecedented oil Venezuela, given that wealth is disappearing and the unsatisfied needs of the majority are growing.

Gee, professor, you kind of are in a pessimistic sling. No, Mr. Antero, we want to bring our concern to the debate to help raise awareness in relation to a situation that can only be overcome with comprehensive participation. It is everyone's problem and of horizontal leadership. Meanwhile, there will be no possibility of promoting the construction or reconstruction of the country.

So professor, as your Sancho would say, what God grabs us confessed if there is no clear idea to change the harsh reality of current history?


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