UN and the void

The UN created in 1945 celebrates its seventy-sixth anniversary. The most relevant intergovernmental organization on the planet. Its constitutive Charter established the fundamental principles of International Law: sovereignty, non-interference in internal affairs, equality, there are no grounds that accept that one country is superior to others.

For it the subjects of international law are the States, and those who administer power. And it points out their responsibility in violation of Human Rights. Did not imagine that human rights could be attacked from a Corporation. Less, multinational communication companies.

UN recognizes States as subjects of International Law. Empty: not foreseeing that interference against them could destabilize their human rights.

This is how human rights violations arise that the UN Charter did not contemplate. Void: interference to subvert the internal order of a country, -with terrorism, sanctions and attack on the psychological and ideological balance. Allow perversions to arise. E.g. creation programs false political leaders -case of the self-appointed-. Or Microparties -5G- and pseudo groups -Cartel de Lima- whose destiny is to live off perverted funds.

Dollars that make it possible to maintain propaganda packages and popularize scarecrows. Yesterday, the self-appointed. Today, Alexei Navalny in Russia. Nightmares with no historical connection to the people. Clowns without tradition. Without political training. They only have a banal rhetorical shave. Its "flag" supposes, "fight against corruption" and above all the "defense of human rights".

That they involve in political and moral and religious propaganda. Vehicle to give a handle to radical groups whose only voice is violence: "Exit"; “block the road”; "Mantras". Last Eg hordes that Trump launched against Biden
These gaps in the UN Charter allowed the model to penetrate countries and subvert their internal order. Or, create micro political parties - even religious ones aimed at destroying institutional forms: Guaidó, Jeanine, Bolsonaro. That governments supplant, whose electoral triumph is undeniable.

But, this fallacy only exists if it is supported by a narrative that gives them garrison in the media. Like those, denounced in the national press of receiving funds to support their campaigns against Venezuela, from Miami and Madrid. Synthesis: UN many gaps and little force against the inequality of people of the South

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