To the obsessive anti-maturistas

When one reads the consistent and monothematic anti-mature writers, one does not know what emotional position to take: either laugh at what they write, get annoyed by the atrocities they express, or say: "You have to leave them alone, because they don't know what they write."

In addition to this triad of options that the reader can assume when reading anti-madurista critics, there is something that people are clear about: they do not know or cannot write about something that is different from their anti-mature obsession or their evident and notorious hatred of President Nicolás Maduro, who prevents them from writing, for example, against US imperialism, or about the self-proclaimed one and all the disasters it has done in the last two years, or to pronounce on sanctions and blockades.

These topics do not please the obsessive and arrogant anti-maduristas writers because they would lose their loyal readers, since among themselves they have a kind of “internal competition” to show each one on their own who is the loudest anti-maduro writer. They live hunting each other to see who writes the most ruthlessly critical opinion piece against what they call madurismo in their philosophical musings. The great existential purpose of their lives is to speak ill of the government, until they achieve its removal.

And of course they do not care how to remove him or who is going to replace him, (they even naively believe that the right is going to call them to co-govern) since their hatred is extremely visceral and radical.

But they also have a particular characteristic: they are very stubborn, hypersensitive critics who do not accept being criticized and become executioners and mockers against those who dare to question them. They believe they are perfect writers, who have thousands of university degrees with various doctorates.

The antimadurismo has been saying for eight years that Maduro has his days numbered, that it does not happen tomorrow and it is very sad that they suffer from this epistemological reductionism in the field of politics and forget that there is a Venezuela tired of the political tirade and so much treason, when what people want is the solution of their problems.

Political scientist.


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