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Thought armed struggle

It is essential to return to Antonio Machado who at the beginning of the last century pointed out that 'Of ten heads, nine attack and one thinks.' And he adds definitively: 'Don't be surprised that a brute will fight for the idea.' The majority today remains enslaved to brutality.

Everything is systematically arranged for that to happen. The ability to think and create is obtained and developed by an elite that has natural faculties and social and economic advantages to obtain a good education.

In general, thinking people do not deal with what they consider minor jobs, such as bureaucratic-political-administrative matters. It is not at all common to get a producer of ideas in political activism. But this at the same time produces the separation between the theoretical and the practical, which leads to a problematic result. Because the absence of conjunction does not allow theoretical or practical development.

And for this reason, in the case of politicians who become rulers and only have their militant experience and the consequent empirical knowledge, they are forced to appeal to the so-called advisors, makers of plans based on their ideas, which in the majority In most cases, the liberal paradigm is adopted, without discarding positivist contributions. In some cases the Marxist or Marxist-Leninist source is assumed. These are nineteenth-century doctrines, in which political thought seems anchored. Something visible in this 'nuclear age' in which empiricism agrees with the empires registered in the possible destruction of the world.

In the case of the armed struggle in Venezuela in the 60s, initially promoted by the PCV, declared orthodox Marxist-Leninist, we see that in reality they did not act based on a dialectical analysis and other material considerations. Rather, it appeals to the emotional, improvisation and adventure. The purpose is to overthrow Betancourt like Batista in Cuba in 1959 and also undertake a 'revolution'.

And from this policy based on other people's experience, comes a dimensional tragedy materialized in many deaths and in the denial of all Marxism. A defeat that none of the leaders of this “revolutionary process” (PCV-MIR), interviewed by us, consider themselves guilty of.

Sancho, An armed struggle without its own thought and supported by the ignorance and emotion of militant youth leads to a dimensional tragedy!


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