This article lies

René Magritte, surrealist and Belgian, forever painted a pipe and titled the painting This is not a pipe. In other words, "this image lies." It is therefore the most frank and realistic work since cave paintings.

Juan José Millás proposes a similar warning at the foot of the newspapers: "This is not ...". Is not that? The reality, the truth? Tell me.

Antonio Machado said, also forever, that lying is a lack of imagination because the truth is also invented. Let science say so when it discovers, or invents, what life is.

What was painted in the caves? What do the petroglyphs say? Will we ever know? I am more radical: Is it possible to know? Do you have to know?

Magritte has the merit of making us distrust what we see and yet we have the realistic vision to handle, for example.

In I don't know what ancestral year there was a crash on the corner of Las Gradillas that caused a stir in Caracas. A witty columnist for the newspaper El Universal wrote his alarm about what was probably the first collision reported in the press. He summoned wise men like Luis Razetti to guide us on that unprecedented reality.

I don't know what Razetti said, or if he said, but perhaps it would have prevented another doctor, friend and philosophical adversary of his, José Gregorio Hernández, from being run over in those years of numbered cars.

On what reality was the anonymous comment prosecuted? Like a good conservative newspaper, scandalized by the irruption of the automobile in hitherto placid Caracas, he proposed to banish those hulks on the outskirts of the town.

Jorge Luis Borges evoked that George Berkeley's arguments are irrefutable but do not inspire the slightest conviction. Bishop Berkeley argued that reality is only a perception. That made Marxism of the passionate and obtuse type rage for years, until the wall fell. Or we imagine that it fell, one does not know, said Cuto Lamache. Berkeley became cinema with The Matrix. Borges said that Berkeley served as his literary inspiration.

I imagine the stupor in the repair shop if the brass did not exist yet. A truth that had to be invented. How will Chavismo invent one in Barinas if it does not want the catastrophe to repeat itself.

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